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CNC Laser Cutting Machine and Traditional Cloth Cutter

Released on Jun 30, 2018

CNC Laser cutting machine is featured by high accuracy, high efficiency, high automation and easy operation, widely used in leather, textile and cloth cutting industry. Laser cutting machine has no contact to work pieces, the products cut by laser enjoy high precision and high speed, and very smooth in the surfaces.

Furthermore, CNC laser cutting machine is easy and safe to operate, and can work continuously for 24 hours. The traditional cloth cutting machine, on the other hand, needs much higher processing cost and longer production circle. What’s more, it is very inconvenient to change size, which may affect the lead time, and can not make good cutting for shape corner, circular hole and other geometrical pictures.

The traditional cloth cutting machine may cause cloth running due to the rough cutting notch, which will greatly affect the quality of garments.The cloth cut by laser cutting machine will not turn yellow or become hard, ensuring same size and high precision, cutting edge will seal automatically, no deform will be caused. Laser cutting machine can cut any complex shape with high efficiency and low cost with the connection to a computer.

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