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Features and application of Laser Positioning Side Hole Drilling Machine

Released on Jun 13, 2018

Features of Laser Positioning Side Holes Drilling Machine:

  1. Laser Positioning Side Holes Drilling Machine is an economical and practical horizontal hole punching equipment for plate furniture. It can replace the traditional platform saw and drill line with the machine production unit and the plate type Furniture production line.

  2. Through the vertical hole to complete the side hole, just put the plate on the table, the real fool type operation, do not need to find a special drill master, greatly saves labor costs.

  3. Intelligent furniture design and production software perfect combination, and truly realize intelligent production. High accuracy and fast speed.

  4. The machine bed is welded by 10mm thick wall square rail.

  5. Linear guide rail, double rail design, small resistance, high accuracy.

  6. Servo drive, power transmission more powerful, more stable operation, higher accuracy.

  7. The rack has the characteristics of high accuracy, durability and non deformation.

Laser Positioning Side Holes Drilling Machine

Application of Laser Positioning Side Holes Drilling Machine:

Panel furniture industry,wood furniture,solid wood doors,decorative materials,cabinets doors, computer tables,office furniture,wooden sound box, kitchenware,etc , all kinds of board type furniture, wooden doors, cabinets, solid wood furniture cutting and carving.

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