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How to dust Wood Laser Engraving Machine

Released on Jun 25, 2018

How to dust Wood laser engraving machine,What are measures? The following is Wood laser engraving machine dust control measures:

First, fundamentally eliminating dust pollution,Comprehensive management is on the go route,From the production of equipment,Choose reasonable and advanced mechanical equipment,In addtion,we need to add certain dust and dust suppression.However, under the current conditions,The most effective measures are to select the dedusting equipment.The dedusting equipment selection is need to consider the operation site,It is necessary to the nature of the required degree of purification and dust and other aspect.

Second,In addition, When workers operate,they must wear safety glasses and dust masks to protect the eyes and respiratory,Especially workers operating in the machine of fine wood dust in the production,Large masks should be worn to prevent dust infringement.

Third,it is worth noting,There is no manufacturers which installate large vacuum equipment,we add stand-alone vacuum and dust collection device in the machine itself,THis Can play a better effect.For security reasons,Operating workers should wear safety glasses and dust masks,it is to protect the eyes and respiratory organs.

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