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How to install CNC router machine

Released on Jul 07, 2018
  1. Open computers to install the corresponding driver and application software.

  2. Environment:

    Surrounding humidity: 0-40degrees, in the process of stopping running: make sure the temperature is above zero (the liquid within the water-cooled spindle should be released if the temperature is below 0 degree)

    Humidity: Maximum 75% non-condensing (relative humidity) Short-term: 95% (one month)

  3. After finished installation, set the internal parameter. Open machine to check if the machine running direction is correct, then reset accurate.

  4. After received the machine, open packaging, move machine from wood box, and placed it in the level position. In the process of placing, do not to bump the machine

  5. When placing finished, open tool box and take wires to connect power. If it is air plugs you get, please connect it by the number marked on them to check it.

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