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Maintenance of CNC nesting machine S9

Released on Nov 12, 2018

Maintenance of CNC nesting machine S9

Maintenance of the machine is the most easily overlooked thing. For example, the guide rail is often oiled to prevent sawdust from entering, which leads to the lock of the guide rail; the dust of the chassis is erased, sometimes because of this interference signal, resulting in inadequate accuracy of the machine. Cherish the machine, dust and maintain regularly, and the life of the machine will increase correspondingly.

Everyone knows that grounding wire is used to prevent static interference. At present, the trainers are in a mixed state. Many people do not attach importance to the small matter of grounding wire and think nothing will happen. But it is often this trivial matter that causes the control signal to be transmitted to the wrong signal of the motor, which causes the machine to run knife, shallow and shallow time, and large error.

cnc nesting mahcine

Machine parameters are mainly in our software, because we process sheets of different materials, processing speed also needs to change at any time, such as poor particle board mixed with stones, the speed is too high. Light will cause tool edge collapse, this time does not change in time, will occur broach edge cutting uneven. Serious friction will cause fire and cause accidents.

Many vacuum pumps of machines are water pumps. This kind of adsorption effect is good, but since it is water, it will cause ice in the cold places in the north. At this time, the adsorption of vacuum pumps is ineffective, and antifreeze liquid is added in time to avoid freezing. Vacuum pump tank to be cleaned once a month, sometimes impurities blocked water pipe holes, water can not return to the pump, can not produce sealing. The adsorption force is almost zero.

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