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The advantages of 3-axis CNC routers and 4-axis CNC routers

Released on Jun 22, 2018

3 Axis CNC Router

3 axis machining is one of the most commonly used techniques in the industrial process. Hence, using 3 axis machines allows the router to work on material on 3 axes that are X, Y, and Z.

3 axis CNC router is a solid steel frame structure with a high frequency of 4hp/6hp spindle. It has a high-speed 3-axis Motion Controller with a DSP remote Control user-friendly operator interface. This CNC router can be used for various industries like Building Industry ( Architectural Decoration Elements, Kitchen Cabinet & Door, Facades &Curtain wall, Column & Balustrade ), Sign& Advertising ( Signage Indoor & Outdoor, Engraving& Bas-Relief, 3D Letters, Funeral), Models & Prototyping ,Plastics & Composites ( ACP, ACM and solid surface material etc. ) and non-ferrous metals & Marine.

3 Axis CNC Router

4 Axis CNC Router

Based on the axes XYZ+1, a 4 axis machine makes industrial operations quick by reducing cycle times.

4 axis CNC Router is designed to ensure high performance and productivity with low maintenance requirement.

This machine has a steel framework with gantry support and ISO30 9kw frequency spindle.

The structure of the machine is rigid to provide enough strength for high-speed machining at a pace of +- 135° on C axis suiting different production requirement.

The machine is the best option for different woodworking project like European style furniture, such as soffit, crown molding, wall frame, stair jamb, column, balustrade, automotive interior&exterior, mold, arts&crafts, chair, 3D work etc.It can work on various materials like plastics, metal, wood, resins and create beautiful designs.

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