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Wood cnc router machine with CCD system

Released on Jul 20, 2018

Wood cnc router machine with CCD system is our new design machine .  It's made of  high thickness square tube welded bed  and high speeding servo driver . It can do cutting and engraving many materials , such as Wood , PVC , acrylic . Not only apply in advertising industrial , but also widely used in wood industrial . It's a economic type CNC Router .

wood cnc router machine with CCD system

MISSILE wood cnc router machine with CCD system features:

1,It solves the problem of waste caused by traditional manual positioning, which is time-consuming and laborious.

2,Automatic edge recognition, template set cutting, jigsaw cutting, strong recognition ability, fast positioning speed, high positioning accuracy.

3, Accurate cutting, fast cutting speed, no missing label, no cutting phenomenon, high cutting efficiency, large output.

4, The strong vacuum adsorption system can meet the needs of various processing technologies.

5,The three axis all accepted servo driver, and the driver has high resolution to ensure that the cutting surface is smooth and serrated.

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