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About cnc router machine maintenance tips

July 26, 2023
MISSILECNC-CNC Router machine maintenance tips

Clean equipment regularly

The cnc router machine will produce a lot of chips, grease and dust during the processing, and these dirt may cause the performance of the equipment to decline. Therefore, regular cleaning of equipment is the key to maintaining stable operation. It is recommended to use a soft brush and cloth to clean the knives, fixtures, workbench and other parts after work every day to ensure that the equipment is clean.

Software upgrade and maintenance

Software is equally important to the operation of cnc router machines. Regularly upgrade the CNC system and programming software to ensure that the equipment is running on the latest software version to take full advantage of new features and improvements. At the same time, regularly back up system parameters and programs to prevent accidental loss.


Check the lubrication system

The lubrication system is critical to the operation of the cnc router machine. Please ensure the normal operation of the lubrication system, regularly check the amount of lubricating oil and add it in time, and keep the guide rails, screw and other components in a good lubrication state. In addition, regularly clean the impurities in the lubrication system to avoid clogging.

Regularly check the cooling system

For CNC router machines that require cooling, such as equipment that uses high-speed spindles, regularly check the operation of the cooling system. Make sure that the coolant is sufficient and the cooling pump is working properly to avoid equipment damage due to insufficient cooling.


Check fasteners

During the long-term operation of the cnc router machine, some fasteners may become loose. Regularly check the screws, nuts and other fasteners on the equipment, and tighten them in time if they are loose. This helps ensure that the equipment remains stable during processing.

Train operators

 Make sure that operators have correct operation and maintenance knowledge to avoid equipment damage caused by misoperation. Regularly provide training for operators to ensure that they are familiar with the functions and maintenance requirements of the equipment.


Calibration equipment

The accuracy of the device will gradually decrease with the increase of use time. Therefore, the equipment should be calibrated regularly, and the precision parameters such as straightness and verticality of each axis should be checked to ensure that the equipment is in good working condition.

Equipment inspection and maintenance records

Carry out regular equipment inspections and conduct a comprehensive inspection of the engraving machine to ensure that all parts of the equipment are working normally. At the same time, establish a maintenance record and record the maintenance history of the equipment in order to analyze the usage status of the equipment and prevent potential problems.

By following the above practical guidelines, you can effectively maintain the long-term stable operation of the CNC router machine, improve production efficiency and product quality. At the same time, these maintenance measures also help to extend the service life of the equipment and reduce maintenance costs.



Check tools and fixtures

Regularly check the wear of the tool, and replace it in time if the tool is severely worn. At the same time, check whether the clamping force of the fixture is moderate to avoid machining accuracy problems caused by too tight or too loose clamping.



Electrical System Maintenance

Regularly inspect electrical systems such as power cords, connectors, switches, and other components to ensure they are intact. In addition, regularly clean the dust inside the electrical cabinet to avoid failures caused by dust.

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