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Large sparks when cutting with laser cutting machine

September 19, 2023
Large sparks when cutting with laser cutting machine

The fiber laser cutting machine is a CNC equipment specialized in cutting metal sheets. By inputting a path, it can automatically cut. It can process a variety of materials: carbon steel, aluminum plates, copper, etc. It is also involved in many industries, including cabinets, signs, Aerospace, auto parts, etc.

Large sparks when cutting with laser cutting machine:

  1. 1.Insufficient laser power: Insufficient laser power is one of the main reasons for sparks generated during laser cutting. If the laser power is not enough, incomplete melting of the material and generation of bubbles will occur during cutting, resulting in excessive sparks. 

  2. 2. Insufficient gas flow: The role of gas in laser cutting is to blow away the oxides and slag produced during the cutting process to maintain cutting quality. If the gas flow is insufficient or the pressure is insufficient, the oxides and slag will not be completely removed, resulting in larger sparks. 

  3. 3. Selection of cutting materials: Different materials behave differently during laser cutting. Some materials are prone to sparks, such as cast iron, zirconium alloy, etc. Therefore, you need to pay attention when choosing materials for laser cutting. 

  4. 4. Cutting speed is too fast: Laser cutting speed that is too fast will cause the material near the cutting port to be insufficiently heated and ablated, resulting in incomplete melting of the material and the generation of sparks. Therefore, the cutting speed needs to be appropriately reduced when using laser cutting equipment. 

  5. 5. Poor laser beam quality: If the laser beam quality is poor, it will cause uneven temperature distribution near the cutting port, which will produce sparks. Therefore, when using laser cutting equipment, you need to choose equipment with good beam quality.

  6. What's the matter with laser cutting machine cutting but not cutting? 

  7. 1. Reduced laser power: After the laser of a fiber laser cutting machine is used for a long time, the power will gradually decrease with time, and eventually the cutting ability will decrease and the cutting will be opaque. 

  8. 2. The thickness of the processed plate exceeds the limit cutting thickness of the equipment: Fiber laser cutting machines with different powers have limit cutting thicknesses. If the limit thickness is exceeded, the cutting effect of the equipment will be unsatisfactory, including an impenetrable cutting state.

  9. 3. Contamination of optical components: Optical components include focusing mirrors, reflectors, etc. Due to the harsh working environment for a long time, residues are easily left on the surface of such lenses, which reduces the laser power of the equipment and makes cutting impossible.

    4. Equipment on-site debugging is not up to standard: On-site operation of fiber laser cutting machines is the most important factor affecting cutting quality. When the on-site debugging is not up to standard, the cutting will be opaque.

  10. 5. Insufficient air pressure of the equipment’s auxiliary gas: The auxiliary gas helps blow away residue during the cutting process. When air pressure is not reached, the residue is difficult to remove and may cause the cut to be opaque.

  11. 6. The cutting speed of the laser cutting machine is too fast: If the cutting speed is too fast, missed cuts will inevitably occur, resulting in opaque cutting.




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