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How long can a woodworking cnc router machine be used?

September 22, 2023
How long can a woodworking cnc router machine be used?

Nowadays, all walks of life have basically realized the application of mechanical processing and production. So for the processing industry, how long can the woodworking cnc router machine purchased by customers be used? I believe this is a question that every customer is concerned about. Under ideal conditions, woodworking cnc router machine life is generally designed to be about ten years. Of course, the life of the woodworking cnc router machine will definitely be different due to other factors.


If the woodworking cnc router machine pays attention to care and maintenance during use, and works normally for 8 hours a day, generally speaking, there will be no problem in using it for 5-6 years.

However, the lifespan of a woodworking cnc router machine depends on the customer's usage and cannot be determined universally. If your business is very good and the processing volume is large, then the spindle is the most important to wear the bearings, and this time ranges from one year to several years. In terms of the mechanical structure, the only thing that is broken is the slider, but it will be no problem after a few years of use, and it is easy to replace. In terms of the circuit, it is the aging of the wires and the aging and damage of some electronic accessories.

Of course, configuration is also a key issue. High-configuration machines will also extend the service life of the engraving machine. Generally speaking, woodworking cnc router machines are equipped with imported spindles, imported drives and Taiwanese guide rails, which have high load-bearing capacity and are fully dust-proof on all three axes. If the dust is relatively large, it is best to buy equipment with a dust cover.

The woodworking cnc router machine is a kind of precision and fast engraving CNC equipment, so careful maintenance and care is very important. If you want to extend the life of your woodworking cnc router machine, you should take good care of it for a long time, such as using more lubrication. Wipe it with oil, use it for a long time, and do not engrave workpieces other than those of the engraving machine! Because each machine is tailor-made according to the customer's needs and processing materials. For example, if you buy a woodworking cnc router machine, but you have a need or sudden idea to engrave stone, what about the pair of engraving machine and spindle? It definitely has an impact.

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