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How much power does an advertising cnc router machine generally have?

October 11, 2023
How much power does an advertising cnc router machine generally have?

The power of advertising cnc router machine refers to the electrical energy consumed within a certain period of time, and the units are W and KW. There are actually quite a lot of parameters for advertising cnc router machines, and we need to choose according to our own needs.

How much power does an advertising cnc router machine generally have?

Usually the power of advertising engraving machines is between 1.5kw~7.5kw.

Is the more powerful the advertising cnc router machine, the better?

Of course, bigger is not always better. The appropriate power should be selected based on actual needs. If the power of the advertising cnc router machine is too high, it will waste resources, increase costs, and even affect the service life of the machine. 

If the power is too small, it will not be able to meet actual needs, the engraving depth will not be enough, the work efficiency will be low, and the product quality will be affected. 

Therefore, when selecting the power of an advertising engraving machine, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the hardness of the processed material, the size of the tool and the actual needs to select the most appropriate power.

Is the higher the speed of the advertising cnc router machine, the better?

1. High speed can shorten the production cycle and improve work efficiency.

2. High rotation speed can easily lead to insufficient engraving accuracy, and even problems such as knife breakage and knife drop.

3. High rotation speed will also make the cutting tools easily worn and damaged, increasing maintenance costs.

4. High speed will increase the heat generated by the machine, resulting in poor heat dissipation of the machine.

5. Comprehensive consideration, generally speaking, the rotation speed of the advertising engraving machine is between 8000-12000 rpm. For some detailed engravings, the rotation speed can be appropriately reduced to ensure engraving accuracy. For some mass production, the rotation speed can be increased appropriately to improve work efficiency.


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