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Selection Principles of Advertising CNC Router Machine

October 16, 2023
Selection Principles of Advertising CNC Router Machine

1. Strength: The main factor that affects the strength is the motor power. Generally, the power is above 3kw, and the tool can be clamped to 12.7. The aspect that affects the strength is also the configuration of the engraving machine parts, such as the spindle. The greater the power of the spindle, the greater the strength. Large, so when customers choose, they can ask the professional business manager how big the spindle of the machine you ordered is and whether it can meet your needs.

2. Accuracy: Both the engraving machine and the cutting machine must work without errors for a long time, and the engraving machine must be smooth and straight. It is the guide rails and racks that affect the accuracy of the engraving machine, so stability is very important.

3. Speed: There are many main factors that affect the speed, such as drive and guide rails. These are all factors that affect the speed of the engraving machine. Under the premise that the machine reaches the strength, the speed will of course be increased by how much it can be. Of course, it also needs to be taken into consideration. Machine life.

4. Functional configuration:

(1) Vacuum adsorption tabletop: Traditional engraving machines use pressure plates to fix the plates, which inevitably makes them unable to be fully used or is troublesome to use. Vacuum suction is used to fix the plates on the engraving machine tabletop. The adsorption area has a standard six zones. .

(2) Vacuum suction device: The engraving machine will produce wood chips during processing, so installing a dust suction device is a kind of environmental protection and prevents dust from flying around.

(3) Energy saving: The largest loss of energy comes from the spindle motor. Traditional engraving machines require manual control of the spindle cutting motor. It is inevitable that you forget to turn off the spindle after the engraving machine is completed, causing energy waste and safety hazards.

(4) Offline: Considering the environment and convenience around the relief engraving machine, a new control system is adopted. The computer can have completely different data lines from the engraving machine, and it is easy to operate and has strong compatibility.

M series: Aluminum& acrylic high-gloss processing cnc router, CCD automatic edge patrol cutting cnc router, Oscillating knife cutting machine;I series:  Medium power fiber laser cutting machine;E series:  Door&cabinet door CNC router machine, five-sided drilling machine, six-sided drilling machine and other composite cnc machining centers
Advertising cnc router machines can be used for density boards, PVC boards, KT boards, etc., in industries such as portraits, landscapes, calligraphy lettering, and seals.

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