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What is the ambient temperature when the laser laser cutting machine is working?

October 19, 2023
What is the ambient temperature when the laser cutting machine is working?
  1. The ambient temperature of the laser cutting machine is required. The temperature is not too high or too low. The laser cutting machine mentioned here refers to the fiber laser cutting machine, which is specially used to cut metal sheets.

  2. 1.The key component of CNC machinery is the CNC system, and its working environment is generally between 5 degrees and 70 degrees. Within this temperature range, high temperature has less impact on fiber laser cutting machines than low temperature. If the temperature is too low, it is easy to cause broken wires, air leakage, and poor contact in the trachea!

  3. 2. For fiber laser cutting machine drivers, temperature has little effect, because fiber laser cutting machines rarely use liquid lubricants, so they will not freeze, so you don’t have to worry about temperature. But no matter what, if conditions permit, it is best to ensure that the workshop temperature is above 0 degrees. It cannot be too low, because long-term low-temperature operation can easily cause excessive mechanical wear and premature aging.

  4. 3. Pay attention to the temperature not being too high when using the fiber laser cutting machine, which will affect the controllability of the CNC system and cause problems such as malfunctions and slow response. Therefore, in order for the fiber laser cutting machine to achieve normal cutting effect and cutting quality, it is very important to maintain the appropriate temperature, which will also extend the service life of the fiber laser cutting machine. Therefore, operators should pay more attention to this aspect.

  5. Winter cold protection measures:

  6. 1. The laser cutting machine uses water as the cooling medium, and the operating environment temperature of the laser should be above 5°C.

  7. 2. If your factory or workplace has a long holiday during the holidays and the airport is not operating. Attention needs to be paid to the insulation treatment of machine tools in winter. In addition, drain all the water from the chiller to prevent damage to the machine tool caused by freezing.

  8. 3. In winter, there is no heating in the factory or the ambient temperature may be lower than 5℃; the laser only works at night, or does not work on holidays, the machine tool is turned on, and the cooling water is still circulating and does not freeze.

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