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Do you know the three essential pieces for making panel furniture?

October 24, 2023
Do you know the three essential pieces for making panel furniture?

Three essential pieces for making panel furniture: woodworking cnc nesting machine, CNC cutting machine, woodworking automatic edge banding machine, and CNC side hole machine.

CNC Nesting Machine are mainly used in the woodworking industry and the cabinet industry to produce panel furniture in batches and diversified component products (such as cabinets). The main function is to cut, punch, and groove the boards, usually through software. The design is very convenient to realize various cabinet shapes;

The features of cnc nesting machines:

1. Integrate automatic labeling, automatic loading, optimized cutting, punching, slotting, and automatic unloading to achieve uninterrupted processes;

2. Fully automatic loading, unloading, dust removal, and positioning systems reduce manual staffing, work intensity, and production costs;

3. The whole machine is equipped with a dust removal structure for the feeding machine, which can solve the problem of "dust" on the feeding belt and achieve continuous operation without human intervention;

4. Automatic labeling and plate processing can be performed simultaneously, saving time. Automatic labeling matches a variety of labeling methods, which can reduce accidents and mistakes that may occur during the automatic labeling process.

The woodworking edge banding machine:is mainly used for edge banding of panel furniture to make the processed panels beautiful. The fully automatic edge banding machine is used for wood panels that can be edge banded in a straight line, such as blockboards, solid wood boards, particleboards, plywood, etc. Fibreboard etc. The fully automatic edge banding machining components mainly include: pre-milling, gluing, edge banding, flushing, rough trimming, fine trimming, profiling tracking, edge scraping, polishing, grooving and other functions. It is characterized by automation, high efficiency, High precision and beauty. The fully automatic edge banding machine has stable operation, outstanding effect, moderate price, simple operation, and can be used in the production of large and medium-sized furniture manufacturers.

Introduction to the CNC side hole machine: It is designed and developed for panel furniture wardrobes. It is suitable for all types of cabinets, wardrobes, and the design of panel furniture. Its main function is the side drilling function after the panels are cut. Features of the CNC side hole machine:

1. It is easy to operate and can automatically realize the five-sided drilling and grooving cutting process with one tooling clamp;

2. Using a 4-part working area, four plates of different sizes can be processed at the same time;

3. The fuselage has a heavy-duty rigid structure and high manufacturing precision;

4. Supports a variety of panel furniture design and production software;

Multifunctional cnc nesting machine

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