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What are some precautions when using the CNC Nesting Machine?

October 24, 2023
What are some precautions when using the CNC cutting machine?

There are some precautions when using CNC Nesting Machine machines. Users must read them carefully to avoid accidents.

1. The machine should be fixed on a stable ground, and the feet should be adjusted to prevent the machine from shaking and keep the machine level.

2. Please follow the voltage specified in the manual; 220V-380v, connect the power supply and connect a solid ground wire.

3. The cutting machine is a high-speed machining equipment, and its rotating spindle speed is as high as 18,000RPM. Therefore, the operator must wear work clothes and a work cap. It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves and loose hair.

4. When the machine is working, personnel should keep a certain distance from the machine, and it is strictly forbidden to touch high-speed moving parts such as the cutter head.

5. Please turn off the machine's circuit breaker before replacing the tool or cleaning. Do not use liquid or spray cleaners. Please wipe with a dry cloth and use anti-rust oil.

6. When troubleshooting, professional technicians must perform the operation in a power-off state.

7. This machine can only be operated with the power source type indicated on the nameplate. If you don't know the type of power supply at home, please consult the dealer or the local power supply bureau.

8. Do not place anything on the power cord. Do not place the machine in a dangerous place where the power cord may be stepped on by others.

9. Please do not overload, otherwise it may cause fire or electric shock hazard.

10. Do not push anything into the machine through the gaps in the casing. Otherwise, it may cause electric shock and dangerous voltage contacts or short-circuit components, resulting in fire or electric shock hazard.

11. In order to reduce the risk of electric shock, please do not disassemble the machine. However, when some maintenance or repair is required, please perform it under the guidance of professionals.

12. Under the following circumstances, cut off the power supply and contact the agent or manufacturer personnel.

A. If liquid flows into the machine.

B. If the unit has been exposed to rain or water.

C. If you operate according to the instructions for use, if the machine does not work properly, only adjust the control part of the instructions for use, otherwise incorrect adjustments to other controls may cause damage. For more complex work, it is best to ask qualified staff to restore the machine to normal operation.

D. If the machine shows obvious changes in performance.

13. Avoid use during thunder and lightning. Otherwise, lightning may cause the risk of electric shock from a distance.

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