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How to maintain the panel furniture cnc nesting machine?

October 26, 2023
How to maintain the panel furniture cutting machine?

The furniture industry is developing rapidly, and panel furniture cnc nesting machines occupy an important position in panel furniture. Therefore, the maintenance of panel furniture cnc nesting machines is very critical and cannot be ignored. What should we pay attention to?

It has versatile functions:routing,drilling,cutting,edge chamfering etc.

Before operating the equipment, check whether the voltage is normal, whether the vacuum pump has enough circulating water, check the air pressure of the equipment's vacuum pressure pump, and check whether the air pump pressure is sufficient.

After the equipment is produced, the sawdust and dust must be cleaned. The main cleaning objects are the guide rails, racks and screw rods on the panel furniture production line equipment. After cleaning the panel sawdust, the entire equipment must be cleaned of dust, and each slider must be checked. Check whether the oil circuit is smooth and check whether the oil pump is working properly.

The specific aspects involved include the following:

1. After processing, dust, sawdust, etc. on the countertop and exposed electrical accessories must be promptly cleaned to keep the countertop and machine clean and hygienic.

2. Regularly clean the dirt and debris on the guide rails, racks, and sliders to prevent debris interference and cause problems during the working process of the machine.

3. The screw determines the accuracy of the machine in the panel furniture cutting machine equipment, and the screw is also indispensable in the transmission process. Therefore, pay attention to regularly cleaning the screw of the cutting machine to prevent foreign matter such as oil, dust, etc. from sticking to the screw.

4. Clean the electrical distribution box regularly. Dust is the killer of circuit board failures. A little too much dust will cause problems with the operation of the circuit board. It is easy to have operating breakpoints and disordered machine operation.

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