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Have you chosen the right cnc router machine manufacturer?

October 28, 2023
Have you chosen the right cnc router machine manufacturer?

How to choose a panel furniture production line(cnc nesting machine) manufacturer?

Simple, fashionable and friendly panel furniture is very popular among consumers. There are more and more panel furniture production line companies. Many entrepreneurs have joined this industry and purchased new equipment. There are also many established manufacturers facing transformation and considering equipment upgrading. How to choose a reliable panel furniture production line?

One is: depending on the scale and strength of the manufacturer, many people consider the price and then the configuration when buying a panel furniture production line. In fact, these are not important. The main thing is to look at the scale level of the manufacturer, whether it has R&D capabilities, and what is its R&D level? Whether a company is large enough and whether its service and quality are guaranteed is directly related to the size of its factory and whether its production level is strong enough. The manufacturer is small in scale, has no R&D capabilities, and has poor risk resistance. Although the price is cheap, there is no guarantee in terms of equipment quality or sales. Large manufacturers are strong, invest heavily in R&D, and have high R&D levels. The panel furniture production lines have matured through improvements. Moreover, large manufacturers pay attention to brand and provide better after-sales services.

The second is: look at the production process. The editor recommends that customers go to the manufacturer to have a look when purchasing a panel furniture production line. Don't just learn about it through the phone or the Internet. This way you cannot know the production level of the manufacturer, and there are many agents. business.

The third is: more important than brand reputation and word-of-mouth. Needless to say, how important brand reputation is, product production, transportation, installation, and after-sales service are all reflected in the company's reputation and reputation. It is also a standard for consumers to compare products.

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Things you need to pay attention to when using the machine:

After a one-month running-in period for the new panel furniture production line, check whether the fixing screws of the reducer are loose, check whether the fixing screws of the servo motor are loose, and check whether the fixing screws of the spindle motor are loose. In short, all visible screws should be checked to ensure stable operation of the equipment. . The panel furniture production line is a high-precision and high-speed panel furniture cutting equipment. Improper maintenance will cause unnecessary trouble for your future use. If the maintenance is not timely and in place, it will seriously affect the subsequent service life of the equipment and the processing accuracy of the equipment. First of all, after the equipment is produced, the sawdust and dust must be cleaned. The main cleaning objects are the guide rails, racks and screw rods on the equipment. After cleaning the sawdust, the entire equipment must be cleaned, control dust cleaning, and check the oil of each slider. Check whether the road is clear, check whether the oil pump is working properly, check whether the voltage is normal before operating the equipment, whether the vacuum pump has enough circulating water, and check the air pressure of the equipment's vacuum pressure gauge.

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