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What are the advantages of cnc fiber laser cutting machine for processing metal?

October 30, 2023
What are the advantages of cnc fiber laser cutting machine for processing metal?

1. The working efficiency of the fiber laser cutting machine is very fast, and its independent working ability is relatively high. It will not cause any pollution or waste of materials during use, nor will it make particularly loud noise, so it will be useful for industrial environments. It has a very good protective effect and avoids unnecessary impacts and injuries to workers. The fully automatic operation effect is particularly good during operation, bringing faster work efficiency.

2. The precision of the industrial fiber laser cutting machine is very high, the thermal deformation is very small, and the sensing range is relatively small, which avoids damage caused by non-mechanical contact processing, so the cost and materials can be reasonably controlled to avoid Various unnecessary effects occur during use, and materials with high hardness and brittleness can be cut reasonably, so the fiber laser cutting machine can achieve better processing and use effects.

3. The metal laser cutting machine cuts quickly, the equipment is safe and stable when working, has low noise, no dust, and does not produce chemical research substances that are harmful to the human body and the environment. It also serves as a considerate protection for student operators and managers, ensuring production The clean and tidy event site reduces the investment required in the later stage and reduces pollution.

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How do customers from different industries choose the power of laser cutting machines?

1. Customers in the hardware, kitchen and bathroom industries are mainly suitable for small fiber laser cutting machines.

2. Customers in the advertising, sheet metal and chassis industries generally choose medium-power fiber laser cutting machines.

3. Customers in aviation, aerospace, rail transit, automobile and other industries must choose high-power fiber laser cutting machines.

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