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Reasons and solutions for the high noise of the cnc nesting machine spindle

October 31, 2023
Reasons and solutions for the high noise of the cnc nesting machine spindle

The spindle makes noise during operation, sometimes not, and the sound level is uncertain. This is mainly caused by the waviness of the surface of the parts of the CNC nesting machine or woodworking cnc router machine. It is necessary to improve the surface processing quality of the bearing raceway and improve the connection between the shaft and the bearing seat. Precision installation method. Then, in actual operation, when faced with some noise emitted by the spindle, there are mainly the following four types:

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1. The sound of pattering: It is caused by vibration and collision between the retainer and the rolling elements. It can occur regardless of the type of grease. It is more likely to occur when it is subjected to torque, load or large radial clearance.

Solution: To maintain the accuracy of the retainer, select bearings with small clearance or apply preload to the bearings, reduce the moment load, reduce installation errors, and select good grease.

2. Impurity sound: caused by the cleanliness of the bearing or high-quality, it emits an irregular abnormal sound. The sound is sometimes absent, sometimes loud and sometimes small, and it occurs frequently on the motor.

Solution: choose good grease, cleanliness before grease injection, strengthen the sealing performance of the bearing, and cleanness of the installation environment

3. Buzzing sound: The motor makes a buzzing sound when running without load, and the motor experiences abnormal axial vibration, and there is a buzzing sound when it is turned on or off.

Solution: It often occurs in motors with poor lubrication conditions and in winter with ball bearings at both ends. This is mainly an unstable vibration caused by axial vibration when the shaft alignment performance is poor.

4. Clicking sound: The sound frequency changes with the bearing speed, and the surface waviness of the parts is the main cause of the noise.

Solution: Improve the surface processing quality of the bearing raceway, reduce the waviness amplitude, reduce bruises, correct the clearance preload and fit, check the operation of the free end bearing, and improve the precision installation method of the shaft and bearing seat.

When processing CNC nesting machines, the spindle is an important component and plays a large role. It is easy to cause problems and sometimes produces a lot of noise. If there is a buzzing sound during work, it means that there is a problem with the spindle and it cannot complete the work under load. It is recommended to replace the spindle or perform maintenance.

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