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How thick can a 3kw cnc laser cutting machine cut?

November 06, 2023
How thick can a 3kw cnc laser cutting machine cut?

Laser cutting machines are specially designed to cut metal sheets. The materials that can be cut include aluminum, galvanized sheets, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, etc. Laser cutting 

machines have the technical advantage of high flexibility and are especially suitable for processing in the hardware industry, automobiles, machinery, elevators, sheet metal, kitchen and 

bathroom hotel supplies, etc.

How thick can a 3KW cnc laser cutting machine cut?

The maximum thickness of aluminum plate is 8mm.

The maximum thickness of stainless steel is 10mm,

The maximum thickness of carbon steel is 20mm,

The maximum thickness of copper plate is 8mm.

The 4.5KW laser cutting machine can cut thickness:

The maximum thickness of stainless steel is 20mm. The quality of the cutting surface cannot be guaranteed if it is above 12mm. Bright surface cutting is guaranteed if it is below 12mm.

What does it have to do with how thick a 3000-watt laser cutting machine can cut?

How thick a 3000-watt laser cutting machine can cut is related to the laser output power, the type of auxiliary gas and the type of cutting material. The higher the power, the thicker the thickness that can be cut. Similarly, the auxiliary gas and cutting materials are different, so what can be cut? Cutting thickness also varies. In the process of actual application, the cutting thickness is related to many factors. There is no absolute criterion to say how thick the laser cutting machine can cut.

What is the appropriate power for a laser cutting machine?

Just consider two points, price and effect. The price doesn’t have to be the cheapest, it just needs to be cost-effective. The effect must be considered from the two aspects of cutting quality and accuracy. On the premise of satisfying your own cutting accuracy and quality, relatively cheap equipment is suitable for you. The use of laser power and auxiliary gas will affect the cutting speed, which in disguise affects the equipment's payback time. This is also worth considering.

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