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How to adjust the accuracy of advertising cnc router machine?

November 08, 2023
How to adjust the accuracy of advertising cnc router machine?

The accuracy of the advertising cnc router machine is mainly between 0.1mm~0.2mm. The accuracy of the advertising cnc router machine is one of the factors that affects the engraving effect. If the mini engraving machine is not accurate enough, there will be errors in the engraving fonts, which will affect the overall effect.

How to adjust the accuracy of mini engraving machine?

1. Manual adjustment. Lower the plane line of the mini engraving machine, then start the spindle and measure manually. If you find a suitable position, you can stop. To ensure accuracy, you can measure at the appropriate position. Of course, if the table material is different, it will affect the measurement effect, so this factor must be taken into consideration.

2. Computer adjustment. Open the setting panel of the mini-character engraving machine to make settings. Calibrate the accuracy of the mini-character engraving machine by testing the path. After alignment, directly save the path.

CCD automatic edge patrol control system: strong recognition ability, fast positioning speed, high positioning accuracy, convenient operation, simple and easy to use;High-frequency vibrating knife: replaces manual cutting, the efficiency is 4-6 times higher than manual cutting, saves materials, improves material utilization, is environmentally friendly, smoke-free and dust-free.

Tips for purchasing a mini engraving cnc router machine?

1. Engraving speed: The faster the engraving speed, the faster the products will be produced, and it will also improve work efficiency.

2. Accuracy: Accuracy is one of the very important parameters of a mini character engraving machine. If the accuracy is not high enough, the engraved fonts will be unclear or have errors, affecting the overall effect.

3. Control system: The control system is an important part of the mini engraving machine. The user only needs to enter text or specify a picture on the computer, and the computer will convert it into an engraving data format and transmit it to the engraving machine.

4. Materials used: The materials suitable for the mini letter engraving machine are mainly soft materials, such as PVC, acrylic, wood, etc.

Tips for using mini letter engraving machine?

1. Keep the workplace clean. A messy environment can easily lead to accidents.

2. The equipment cannot be placed in a dark and humid place for work, and cannot be used in a place with flammable liquids and gases.

3. Avoid direct physical contact with the spindle, power output, controller interface, etc. during work to prevent electric shock.

4. Do not allow outsiders and children to approach the workplace, and visitors not related to work must keep a safe distance. During processing, the operator's hands should be kept away from the processing spindle; when processing is stopped, the power supply should be cut off, and outsiders and children are prohibited from touching at will.

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