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Is it necessary to install the edge patrol of advertising cnc router machine?

November 10, 2023
Is it necessary to install the edge patrol of advertising cnc router machine?

Advertising cnc router machine is used to process various logos and is an essential equipment for advertising shop owners. The current advertising cnc router machines have more and more complete functions.

Is it necessary to install an advertising cnc router machine for edge inspection?

As an advertising store, what kind of indoor signs are generally accepted? Many signs are special-shaped, spray-painted, and need to be trimmed. Therefore, it is best for advertising shop owners to equip their advertising cnc router machine with edge patrol, which will be much more convenient.

What does the edge patrol of an advertising cnc router machine do?

The edge patrol of the advertising letter cnc router machine means that you do not need to make the pattern path yourself. It can automatically recognize the plate pattern and automatically generate the path, which is very convenient.

What are the characteristics of the advertising word edge cnc router machine?

1. It solves the problem of time-consuming and labor-intensive traditional manual positioning and waste products caused by human factors;

2. It can identify and cut large-area graphics, and one person can take care of multiple devices at the same time, saving a lot of labor, electricity costs and space, and has a high overall cost-effectiveness;

3. Automatic edge recognition, template overlapping and puzzle cutting, strong recognition ability, fast positioning speed and high positioning accuracy;

4. Support feature matching, two-point positioning, multi-template positioning, contour extraction and other positioning methods;

5. Graphic editing, typesetting, control and output are completed in one stop;

6. You can choose to install a vibrating knife, which is perfect for special-shaped cutting of KT boards.

High detection accuracy|fast processing speed
High efficiency|saving material waste

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