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Several common fixing methods for cnc router machines

November 11, 2023
Several common fixing methods for cnc router machines

What are the common fixing methods for mini engraving machines? Before running the mini engraving machine, the material needs to be placed on the table and then fixed. Only after the material is fixed can the next step be performed. Mini character engraving machine can of course process mini characters. Currently, there are various types of advertising characters on the market, including mini characters, abyss mirrors, plaques, neon characters, wrapped characters, etc.

What are the common fixing methods for mini engraving machines?

1. Vacuum adsorption: Turn on the vacuum pump and rely on suction to suck the workpiece. It is generally suitable for adsorbing density boards and is suitable for the wooden door mass production industry.

2. Clamp type: The most common clamp for engraving machines. It is easy to install and disassemble the clamp and flexibly clamps the workpiece. The disadvantage is that the positioning accuracy is not high and it is only suitable for clamping workpieces with regular shapes.

3. Magnetic chuck: Generally suitable for steel plate tabletops and cast iron tabletops, magnets are used to fix the workpiece for medium-intensity grinding.

4. Tooling fixation: In actual production, according to the characteristics and requirements of the workpiece to be processed, special fixtures are specially designed and manufactured for product clamping.

What are the characteristics of the mini characters processed by the mini character engraving machine?

1. Mini luminous characters are one of the fonts currently on the market that can illuminate characters as large as 5CM. Of course, it also depends on whether it is Chinese or English. Generally, a character in English cannot be less than 5CM, and a Chinese character cannot be less than 10CM; Also look at the stroke thickness of the font. If the calligraphy strokes are very thin, the mini calligraphy process is also used, but the acrylic is carved into a semicircular luminous body and covered on the surface .

2. Mini fonts are fonts that can be viewed closely at a close distance. The surface is smooth, round and shiny. Because the fonts are small and can be viewed at a close distance, they need to satisfy people's visual experience, so surface treatment is particularly important. After the surface of the mini luminous characters is washed out with a high-power engraving machine, it is now sanded and polished. After the surface treatment, whether it is luminous or not, the surface looks very full and shiny.

3. The main cost of mini characters is the cost of materials, machine engraving and manual assembly. Compared with other luminous fonts, it can be regarded as a very economical process, so the price of mini characters is relatively reasonable. After all, the machine has With half the labor required, the price of mini letters can still outperform other luminous advertising letters.

4. Mini fonts are different from other fonts. Because they are carved from acrylic using CNC equipment, the fonts can be made into two types: right-angled edges and beveled edges. This is also the main reason why it can do small fonts. The engraving machine has straight-edge knives and bevel-edge knives. In addition, the engraving path can be set on the engraving software. Therefore, the base and cover of the mini characters can be carved like a cone, which is equivalent to increasing the internal space of the base, making it easier to install LED light strips. Experienced masters can also solder circuit boards and diodes by themselves. Built-in lights ensure that every corner of the small letters can shine. Of course, it is also a tedious and time-consuming task. If the value exceeds 10CM, just install the LED light strip directly, without so much trouble.

5. The colors of the mini characters can be varied, which is also one of its characteristics; people with different preferences can choose different colors of light, as well as the color of the side paint. For example, the front of the acrylic can be white and glow, and the sides can be sprayed with gold paint. During the day, the acrylic side will look golden and the side will be white; at night, the white light will be conspicuous. You can also have a red surface and black paint on the side during the day. During the day, the mini letters look like a combination of red and black, and they glow red at night. These colors can be combined as desired. In other words, the diversity of mini characters is also one of the advantages that cannot be compared with other luminous characters.

6. There are few outlet holes for mini characters. As mentioned above, the bottom of the mini characters can be carved into an integrated bottom with an engraving machine. Then after being assembled, the strokes of the characters do not have to be drawn one line at a time, and the small characters can be made into one whole character. Take out the thread end, because after making the bevel, the inside of the characters will be integrated. Just install a colored light and make a thread out of the small characters. It greatly reduces the trouble of needing to line up each stroke.

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