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What are the best functions of advertising cnc router machine?

November 30, 2023
What are the best functions of advertising cnc router machine?

1. The first is to assemble the CCD edge patrol system. This thing is suitable for edge patrol after UV. There is no need to enter the path. It can automatically identify the path and automatically patrol and cut, which is very useful;

2. Secondly, both soft and hard materials can be processed. The main spindle is specially designed to process PVC, acrylic, density board, two-color board, etc., and a vibrating knife is installed next to it, which can cut soft materials: KT board, corrugated paper, leather, etc.;

3. Vacuum adsorption and clamping integrated table;

4. Finally, there must be a dust removal system.

What should you pay attention to when choosing advertising cnc router machine?

1. Whether the electrical performance is stable. The electrical performance mainly depends on the anti-interference ability of the electronic control part.

2. Whether the machine structure is reasonable? According to the structure, it is divided into: column type and gantry type. The gantry is divided into fixed gantry and movable gantry. The column type and fixed gantry type have good rigidity.

3. Whether the effective stroke meets the requirements depends on the length, width and height of the largest piece to be engraved. Don't blindly pursue a large stroke, just enough.

4. Is the performance of the spindle motor good? If it is a product, then the spindle must be water-cooled. If you do a lot of work, it is best to use a 4-bearing water-cooled spindle, otherwise the service life will be relatively low.

5. Is the engraving speed appropriate? The speed is not simply directly linked to the F value, but also depends on the motor acceleration. The larger the acceleration value can be set, the closer the actual engraving speed will be to the F value. When running a straight line at the beginning and end It is greatly affected by acceleration. The middle section is the F value. The lower the F value, the better the relative engraving quality. The higher the acceleration value, the more accurate the transition section . The prerequisite is that the machine is strong enough and the stepper motor and driver are powerful enough.


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