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What is the reason why the advertising cnc router machine| cnc sign making machine cannot start?

December 20, 2023
What is the reason why the advertising cnc router machine| cnc sign making machine cannot start?

Why can't the spindle of the advertising cnc router machine|aluminum cnc router|atc cnc router start?

1. The spindle of advertising cnc router machines usually uses AC motors. If there is a problem with the motor, the spindle may not rotate.

2. Driver failure: The driver of the advertising engraving machine is usually a common failure point. Driver failure may cause the spindle to not rotate.

3. Power failure.

4. Sensor failure: If the main shaft of the advertising engraving machine does not rotate, it may also be caused by a sensor failure.

What should I do if the spindle of the advertising cnc router machine|aluminum cnc router|atc cnc router cannot start?

1. Motor failure:

(1) Check whether the motor drive cable is loose or has poor contact. If this is the case, the cable needs to be reconnected.

(2) Check whether the motor winding is short-circuited or open-circuited, and replace the faulty motor after confirming the problem.

(3) Check whether the motor bearings are damaged. If there is a problem with the bearings, they need to be replaced.

2. Drive failure:

(1) Check whether the driver is wired correctly. If there is any wiring error, it needs to be changed.

(2) Replace the failed drive.

3. Power failure:

(1) Check whether the power supply is normal. If the voltage is unstable or the power supply is insufficient, the power supply needs to be replaced.

(2) Check whether the power plug and socket are tight and in good contact to ensure correct power supply.

4. Sensor failure:

(1) Check whether the sensor wiring is correct to ensure that the sensor is working properly.

(2) Replace the faulty sensor.

What is the classification of the spindle of advertising engraving machine?

The spindle of the advertising engraving machine is divided into water-cooled spindle, air-cooled spindle and automatic tool change spindle.

Advertising cnc router machine spindle maintenance:

1. Provide reliable lubrication adjustment: For the engraving spindle lubricated by oil and gas, reliable and stable lubrication conditions should be provided for the spindle. . The lubricating oil injected into the oil-air lubricator needs to be filtered to avoid mixing impurities and mixed oil types. Observe the oil level regularly and add oil to avoid oil outage, and clean the filter element and filter screen regularly.

2. Provide reliable cooling conditions: high-speed engraving spindles usually have liquid cooling and forced air cooling: liquid-cooled engraving spindles need to regularly check the use of coolant and replenish it in time. . The forced air cooling of the engraving spindle requires regular maintenance of the engraving spindle air cooling system to avoid failure.

3. Strictly operate in accordance with the instructions and specifications: the operator must have a basic understanding of the selected engraving spindle and accessories, including the rated power, speed and other requirements of the engraving spindle, so as to avoid operating beyond the rated power . Overload operation may cause clogging of the engraving spindle and the rotor. It gets stuck, causing serious damage to the engraving spindle and causing high maintenance costs.

Therefore, before using the engraving spindle, you must read the instructions carefully and perform standardized operations. . Due to high-speed operation, the temperature of the engraving spindle will quickly rise to a very high temperature. At this time, a reliable cooling method can help the engraving spindle cool down quickly, thereby helping the machine operate normally.

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