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What are the differences between CNC Nesting Machines at different price points?

December 20, 2023
What are the differences between CNC Nesting Machines at different price points?

The reason for the price difference is mainly due to the difference in equipment configuration quality, manufacturer after-sales service and scale. If you want to buy a panel furniture production line with reliable quality, you need to make careful judgments. After all, machine stability, service life and post-service are very important.

So do you know the differences between Nesting CNC Router|CNC Router for Cabinet Making at different price points?

1. Configuration differences

Equipment configuration is an important part of the customized furniture cutting machine. Its quality will have a great impact on the price. The price of equipment using high-quality configuration is definitely higher than that of ordinary configuration. But overall, high-quality equipment can improve production efficiency and speed up production.

2. Manufacturer's after-sales service

The manufacturer's after-sales capabilities are very important. No matter what kind of equipment it is, it is impossible to guarantee zero failure. For customers, a complete after-sales service team can not only provide technical training services, but also need to solve customer problems in a timely manner, so manual Cost is also an important factor affecting the price of equipment, but the more complete after-sales service customers can enjoy, the higher their later experience will be.

3. Differences in scale of customized furniture cutting machine manufacturers

Many customers think that the size of the manufacturer is not important, but in fact the size of the manufacturer determines productivity. The higher the production strength, the higher the investment cost in equipment research and development and quality inspection, and the higher the quality of the machine. A manufacturer that does not even have R&D and quality inspection capabilities will have a very low investment cost, so the price of the machine will naturally decrease.

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