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How long is the maintenance period of advertising cnc router machine?

December 23, 2023
How long is the maintenance period of advertising cnc router machine?

Advertising cnc router machine can process various advertising boards: density board, KT board, PVC board, two-color board, organic board, anti-multiple board, etc. Applicable industries: advertising signs, weddings, furniture industry, gifts, props, etc. Advertising engraving machine is an essential equipment in the advertising industry. The current advertising letter engraving machines have very complete functions. One piece of equipment can patrol edges, process organic boards, and also process soft materials such as KT boards and corrugated paper. The functions are very powerful.

How long is the maintenance period for advertising cnc router machines?

Advertising cnc router machine maintenance includes daily maintenance, weekly maintenance, and monthly maintenance.

Advertising cnc router machine | aluminum cnc router| acrylic cnc router machine maintenance:

1. Daily maintenance: After the machine is finished working every day, it must be cleaned, especially the pipelines, controllers, protective covers and other parts should be clear.

2. Weekly maintenance: All circuits, electrical components, transmission parts, etc. involved in the machine should be inspected once a week.

3. Monthly maintenance: All parts of the machine should be inspected once a month to ensure normal operation of the machine.

What are the specific contents of maintenance of advertising cnc router machine?

1. Electrical part: Regularly check whether the cables and lines are damaged; check whether the electrical connections are firm; regularly check and replace the power cable; check whether there are holes in the seal of the electrical box.

2. Control part: Check whether the program is working normally and whether it needs to be updated and modified.

3. Mechanical part: Clean the pipes, gears, conveyor belts and other parts of the machine; check and replace bearings and composite components; check whether the woodworking bed is correctly installed, adjusted and painted.

4. Equipment surface: Maintain the surface of the machine and treat the surface with more than 75% alcohol; check whether all screws are tight; check whether the equipment is deformed, cracked or otherwise damaged.

What factors affect the service life of advertising cnc router machines?

1. Brand and quality of advertising engraving machines: Advertising engraving machines with better brands and quality usually have a longer service life.

2. Frequency of use and load: The greater the frequency of use and load, the shorter the service life of the advertising engraving machine.

3. Maintenance: Regular maintenance can extend the service life of the advertising engraving machine.

4. Working environment: The working environment is clean and stable, without interference from factors such as dust and moisture, which also has a great impact on the life of the advertising engraving machine.

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