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Tips on maintenance and lubrication of CNC Nesting Machines

December 25, 2023
Tips on maintenance and lubrication of CNC Nesting Machines

During normal use of the Nested Based CNC Router, impurities should be regularly cleaned and lubricated with oil (pay attention to the amount of oil for automatic lubrication). Otherwise, a considerable amount of dust and impurities will enter the screws, guide rails, and bearings of the CNC cutting machine during long-term operation. As a result, the rotation resistance of the screw and bearing is large, and the engraving speed will be slightly faster and the steps will be lost and misaligned.

1. Choose lubricant: a mixture of engine oil and butter, not too thick.

2. Lubrication part: X/Y/Z three-axis screw, square rail, and rack.

3. Lubrication steps: Before lubrication, remove the impurities in the screw, the nut on the guide rail and the bearing. If there are any that cannot be removed, you can use gasoline to clean them, then inject lubricating oil and then gradually increase the speed for idling, that is, do not put them in place. Plate, three-axis running-in.

4. Lubrication cycle: It depends on the working environment and machine working hours. Generally, the debris should be cleaned up after get off work every day. Each part should be refueled every month, and high-speed idling lubrication should be carried out.

5. Lubrication method: X/Y/Z axis: Lubrication is relatively simple, and the guide rail racks on both sides are easier to clean and lubricate.

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