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How to test the accuracy of CNC Nesting Machine?

December 26, 2023
How to test the accuracy of CNC Nesting Machine?

CNC Nesting Machine is a CNC equipment. One of the main criteria for judging the quality of the machine is whether its processing accuracy is accurate. So how to test the accuracy of CNC Nesting Machine?

1. You can process a plate, measure whether the diagonals of the plate are the same, whether the dimensions on the opposite sides are the same, and whether the hole margins are the same.

2. Process both sides of the cabinet center panel and check the positioning accuracy of the flap processing. Under normal circumstances, single-sided processing does not have strict requirements on positioning accuracy. The positioning cylinder mainly affects the flap processing accuracy. Punch a hole in a piece of board and make grooves on both sides to see if the hole is transparent and if there are any traces of docking. Measure the hole edges on both sides and the slot edges on both sides.

Equipped with a high-power tool change spindle and a large-capacity servo tool magazine, it has a wide range of uses and is suitable for customized production needs.It can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading platform, double working station, automatic labeling machine, etc.Responding to all customer requirements.

3. Small plate processing accuracy. If there are small boards being processed during processing, check the adsorption capacity of the table to see if there are running boards. In addition, the processing accuracy of the small plate is measured.

The above three methods can be used to quickly detect the processing accuracy effect of CNC cutting machines. CNC cutting machines can effectively improve processing efficiency, reduce labor, and save production costs. Therefore, it is recommended to check more when purchasing a manufacturer. Buying a CNC cutting machine is also Don't be limited to price. The cutting machine must be processed every day. If there is a problem with the machine, it will not only affect the construction period but also damage the panels, which may seriously affect the loss of the customer. Therefore, the long-term stability, accuracy, and configuration of the CNC cutting machine must be And the detailed assembly of the machine is very important.

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