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Can Advertising cnc router machine do relief?

December 27, 2023
Can Advertising cnc router machine(mini engraving machine) do relief?

Can the mini engraving machine engrave relief?

The mini engraving machine can perform relief engraving.

How to make relief with mini character engraving machine?

1. Create a new mode, set the width, height and resolution, use the text tool to enter text, and follow the prompts to select the font and font size;

2. Edit the text after adjusting the font on the engraving machine, select the shape editor, click the "Font Editor" button, and set the relief effect;

3. Preview the effect produced by the engraving machine. If you are not satisfied, reset it and regenerate it;

4. Use the tool path to load it into the relief engraving machine, and then the relief can be set.

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What should you pay attention to when using the advertising cnc router machine?

1. Pay attention to the environment: The equipment cannot be placed in a dark and humid place for work, and cannot be used in a place with flammable liquids and gases.

2. Keep it clean: Make sure the workplace is clean and avoid a messy environment to avoid accidents.

3. Stay away from processing: Do not allow outsiders and children to approach the workplace, and visitors not related to the work must keep a safe distance. During processing, the operator's hands should be kept away from the processing spindle; when processing is stopped, the power supply should be cut off, and outsiders and children are prohibited from touching at will.

4. Inspection before use: Before use, you need to check whether the power supply and voltage are stable, and whether the power cord is damaged or deformed.

5. Beware of electric shock: During operation, avoid direct physical contact with the spindle, power output, controller interface, etc. to prevent electric shock.

6. Focus and patience: You need to stay focused and patient during operation to ensure the engraving effect and safety. Do not adjust parameters and paths at will to avoid affecting the quality of engraving.

7. Tool adjustment and replacement: When adjusting and replacing tools, you need to cut off the power supply and close the software, and wear protective glasses and gloves. Do not touch the blade directly with your hands to prevent scratches.

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