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Factors affecting the quality of CNC Nesting Machines

January 03, 2024
Factors affecting the quality of CNC Nesting Machines

As an important mechanical equipment in furniture production and manufacturing, woodworking cutting machines have strong processing capabilities and high product quality. They play an important role in processing and production and can help furniture factories improve processing efficiency. So everyone knows that it affects the quality of woodworking cutting machines. What are the factors?

1. Equipment spindle: The spindle part of the CNC cutting machine has an impact on the processing accuracy and processing speed. If you want high-efficiency processing equipment, the spindle power has a great impact on the processing accuracy and processing stability. Blue The in-line tool-changing machining center produced by Xiang CNC uses a 9kw Jester 24,000-rpm air-cooled automatic tool-changing spindle, which can cut materials faster.

2. Equipment motor: The motor of the CNC cutting machine is an important part of the transmission and control system. For better application in practice, the speed, position, and torque of the motor should be controlled more accurately according to different applications. Different designs have been carried out. The commonly used motor modes are air cooling and water cooling. Air cooling basically relies on fans for heat dissipation, while water cooling uses its own water circulation. In essence, water cooling mode is more suitable for the operation of CNC cutting machines. The heat dissipation is more stable and can Better avoid equipment failure caused by high temperature.

3. The adsorption capacity of the equipment table: The adsorption capacity of the equipment table determines the processing accuracy of the board. Check whether the table is suitable for processing all boards. When some tables absorb large boards, the adsorption force is good and there will be no running boards. However, there is no suction when processing small boards, so the adsorption capacity of the table structure is very important. When purchasing equipment, you must fully examine the processing accuracy of the equipment. Blue Elephant CNC adopts 7- zone vacuum adsorption tabletop. It is more convenient to replace the tabletop with embedded parts, and it is convenient to replace the lining board. There is no need to scrape and apply glue, which improves the accuracy of the tabletop, prevents air cross-flow and air leakage, and improves the adsorption effect.

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