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Why can't the spindle of the advertising cnc router machine start?

January 09, 2024
Why can't the spindle of the advertising cnc router machine start?

When the advertising cnc router  machine is in use, it sometimes fails to rotate. Has anyone encountered this situation?

Why can't the spindle of the advertising cnc router machine start?

1. Power failure: Power failure is one of the common reasons why the spindle cannot start.

2. Connection abnormality: Abnormal connection of the main shaft of the engraving machine will also cause it to fail to start. Poor connection between the spindle line and the driver, driver failure, and short circuit of the spindle line may lead to abnormal connection.

3. Driver failure: During use, the driver of the engraving machine spindle may malfunction, causing the spindle to fail to start.

4. Motor failure: The engraving machine spindle cannot start, or it may be caused by motor damage or failure.

5. Other faults: After eliminating the above common faults, if the engraving machine spindle still cannot be started, other faults can be considered. For example, the power supply is insufficient, the driver is abnormal, etc.

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What should I do if the spindle of the advertising cnc router machine(3D Acrylic Letters CNC Router) cannot start?

1. Power supply failure: First, check the normal operation of the power supply, including whether the plug is loose and whether the power cord is damaged, etc. If you find that the power supply is leaking or has no output voltage, you can replace the power supply or repair the power cord.

2. Connection abnormality: Check the connection between the spindle line and the driver. If the connection is poor, re-plug or replace the connection line. If the drive failure is serious, the drive needs to be replaced.

3. Driver failure: If the connection between the spindle line and the driver is normal, you can consider checking the working condition of the driver. If a drive fails or becomes damaged, the drive can be replaced or repaired.

4. Motor failure: The user can manually rotate the spindle bearing to check the operation of the motor. If the motor operates abnormally, the user can try to replace the motor.

5. Other faults: Contact maintenance personnel for processing.

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