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Four simple methods to detect the accuracy of Nested Based Furniture CNC

January 11, 2024
Four simple methods to detect the accuracy of Nested Based Furniture CNC

The panel furniture production line cutting machine greatly improves the processing efficiency, saves processing time, and is very simple to operate. With the normal use of the equipment, there are more and more manufacturers, and the quality of each brand is uneven, so when choosing , the accuracy of the equipment is a very important inspection point, so do you know the method of testing the accuracy of the CNC cutting machine of the panel furniture production line equipment?

Nested based cnc router|cnc router for cabinet making

Method 1: Process the plate and measure whether the diagonals of the plate are the same, whether the dimensions on the opposite sides are the same, and whether the hole edges are the same.

Method 2: Process the neutral boards on both sides of the cabinet and check the positioning accuracy of the flaps. Under normal circumstances, the requirements for positioning accuracy in single-sided processing are not too strict, and the positioning cylinder mainly affects the accuracy of turning over processing. Punch a hole in a piece of board and open a double-sided slot to see if the hole is transparent and whether there are any traces of docking. Measure the hole edges on both sides and the slot edges on both sides.

Method 3: Small plate processing accuracy requires small plate processing. Based on the several small wooden boards that will appear in production, such as 300mm*50mm drawer side panels, we can look at the adsorption capacity of the desktop to see if there will be running boards. In addition, we can also measure the processing accuracy of small wooden boards.

Method 4: Two boards of the same specification can be cut on one board, and the four corners can be punched with wooden dowels.

Here are a few simple ways to check accuracy. The purpose of purchasing cutting machine equipment is to save time and effort, improve plate utilization, improve processing efficiency, improve processing accuracy, and improve quality. A good cutting machine can help you get twice the result with half the effort. A poor CNC cutting machine will not only waste manpower, material and financial resources, but may even ruin your career.

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