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4 Guidelines for CNC Spindle from Missilecnc

January 24, 2024
4 Guidelines for CNC Spindle from Missilecnc

The spindle can be divided into air cooling and water cooling spindle according to the way of cooling. There have both pros and cons, so we should choose it with our actual conditions. so the following guidelines should be taken into considerate when purchase or see the CNC Router Machine. 

1.The way of cooling: The spindle with air-cooled can make use of air to cooling. In that case, it is easy for operating. But, the exhaust fan is easy to collect dust. Therefore, we should spend more time in cleaning dust. Water-cooled spindle is asked for connecting with water pump. We can choose the industry Chiller for obtain a better cooling effect. It is not suggest for you to choose this spindle when your country with a perennial high temperature or lack of water resources.

2.The effects of cooling Water cooling has some advantages than air-cooled on normal temperature. But when the temperature below zero, we all know that the water is easier to freeze. On that circumstance, the latter way of cooling is recommended. 

3.On the price item Water cooling is preferred than air cooling when we just take the price into account.

4.Other points Compare with air-cooled, the water cooling spindle would produce less noise. The speed of air cooling spindle can vary from 0 to 24000RPM,and the water-cooled speed can get to 18000RPM. The most important thing is that the spindle with a large power tend to be used for cutting, and the smaller is widely applied for engraving.
And the final decision is influenced by many factors which including the points we have just showed. If you still have doubts, you can contact with us.

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