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What factors affect the engraving speed of the advertising cnc router machine?

March 01, 2024
What factors affect the engraving speed of the mini engraving machine?

1. Machine settings: The working speed of the engraving machine can be set. If the settings are wrong, such as selecting an inappropriate processing method, the engraving speed may slow down. In this case, adjusting to the correct setting (such as Rough Bottom) may help restore normal speed.

2. Mechanical failure: Mechanical failure, such as blade problems, spindle speed problems or inflexible parts, may cause the engraving speed to slow down. At this time, you need to check all parts of the engraving machine to find and repair faults.

3. System and chip issues: The running speed of the engraving machine is usually controlled by the system and chip. If there are problems with the control system and chip, it may also affect the engraving speed. In this case, professional technicians are required to inspect and repair it.

4. Tool material and shape: The material and shape of the tool will affect its cutting ability and engraving speed. Choosing the appropriate tool material and shape can improve engraving efficiency.

5. Transmission system problems: The transmission system includes components such as belts, reducers, and gears. If there are problems with the drive system, such as worn parts or a lack of lubrication, it may also cause slower engraving speeds.

6. Motor problem: Slow motor speed may be caused by motor failure, poor quality or insufficient driving voltage. If you find a problem with the motor, you may need to replace it.

7. Machine quality: The overall quality of the engraving machine will also affect its engraving speed. High-quality machines usually have higher work efficiency and more stable performance.

When the engraving speed slows down, you can check the above factors one by one to find out the problem and make corresponding repairs and adjustments. At the same time, regular maintenance and upkeep of the engraving machine is also an important measure to maintain its good working condition.

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