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6 differences between ordinary CNC wood router and multi-head CNC router

March 04, 2024
6 differences between ordinary CNC wood router and multi-head CNC router

The multi-head CNC router is a kind of CNC wood router. The biggest difference is the number of machining spindles. Multiple spindles can realize the automatic tool change function. Therefore, the multi-step engraving machine is also called a simple automatic tool change engraving machine. Through the cylinder control, the multi-head engraving spindle can be switched, and multiple processes can be processed on one engraving machine. In recent years, multi-process engraving machines have been widely used in the processing of panel furniture. What are the differences between multi-process engraving machines and ordinary CNC  wood router?
Below we will compare the differences between ordinary woodworking engraving machine and multi-process engraving machine from processing materials, operation difficulty, processing effect, scope of application and applicable customers. 

  1. 1.Number of spindles. Ordinary woodworking engraving machines have only one spindle, and multi-step engraving machines have more than two spindles. 

    2. Processing materials. The multi-step engraving machine can process all materials that can be processed by ordinary engraving machines, and it can also process various acrylic, PVC board, MDF, artificial marble, aluminum board and other materials. 

  2. 3. Operation difficulty. First, both are controlled by computer system, which is easy to operate and use. If only from the operational difficulties, the multi-step engraving machine is more convenient to operate more easily for it has an automatic tool change function without stop working. 

  3. 4. Processing effect. The multi-step engraving machine and the ordinary engraving machine can realize the flat engraving function, but the multi-step engraving machine can also perform functions that cannot be realized by ordinary engraving machines such as relief and shadow engraving. 

  4. 5. Scope of application. The multi-process engraving machine has a wider range of applications. In addition to processing ordinary doors and windows, cabinets, screens, furniture carvings, mold carvings, etc., it can also carry out complex woodwork art carvings, which are not possible with ordinary woodworking engraving machines. 

  5. 6. Applicable customer groups. Ordinary woodworking engraving machines are suitable for users who need a simple flat engraving. The multi-step engraving machine can complete all the engraving work that can be done by the ordinary engraving machine, and can also complete some complicated engraving, so it is suitable for customers with complex engraving needs. From the above we can see that the difference between the multi-process engraving machine and the ordinary wood engraving machine is mainly the difference in the number of spindles from the machine itself, which is essentially the difference in the processing range. Blue Elephant offers 3 processes CNC router and four-step engraving machines for you to choose, as well as the more powerful ATC CNC router. If you have processing needs such as engraving, the Missilecnc is definitely your best choice. If you want to know more information about the woodworking engraving machine, please leave a message for us.

  6. E2 door&cabinet body comprehensive processing center

    Automatic tool changers, easy to handle various hardware handles, hinge holes, straight grooves, crabapple corners, door locks, hinge slots and other processes.

  7. And it supports cutting at a 45 degree angle, processing at a 450 Lamello, and processing 450  reverse Lamello mounting holes.

  8. Laser clamping, automatic measurement of sheet length.

  9. Automatically run processing items. Equipped with parameterized module:even without drawing software, this machine can still be used smoothly.

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