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How to set up the automatic tool change of the cnc router machine?

March 25, 2024
How to set up the automatic tool change of the cnc router machine?

CNC ROUTER MACHINE include automatic tool changers and manual tool changers. Automatic tool change means that the tool change speed is faster than manual tool change, saving tool change time. When we change the knife, we need to be careful to avoid cuts.

How to set up the automatic tool change of the cnc router machine?

1. Open the engraving machine software and enter the tool setting page;

2. Find the automatic tool change option and check it;

3. Install the automatic tool changing system and connect it to the computer;

4. Set the number of tool heads and sequence sequence in the automatic tool changing system;

5. Turn on the engraving machine, enter the automatic tool changing program, and follow the software prompts;

6. After changing the knife, turn off the engraving machine and unplug the power plug.

How to set up the manual tool change of the cnc router machine?

1. Turn off the engraving machine first and unplug the power plug;

2. Use a grip equipped with a cutter head and loosen the cutter head clockwise;

3. Remove the original cutter head and confirm whether the new cutter head can be used normally;

4. Insert the new cutter head, making sure to keep the cutter head in good contact with the grip;

5. Tighten the cutter head clockwise and adjust the position of the cutter head. Remember not to bend the head when holding it.

How to maintain cnc router machine tools?

1. Cleaning tools:

(1) Remove the tool and clean it with clean water. Be careful not to wear the surface of the tool.

(2) Wipe the surface of the tool clean with a clean soft cloth or a cotton swab used to wipe the tool.

2. Lubricate cutting tools:

(1) Drop lubricating oil on the bearing of the tool, and gently rotate the tool a few times to spread the lubricating oil evenly on the bearing.

(2) Apply a thin layer of engine oil to the surface of the tool and start engraving before processing to keep the tool lubricated.

3. Wear inspection:

(1) Remove the tool and check whether the blade is worn.

(2) If the wear is obvious, new tools need to be replaced in time.

4. Things to note:

(1) Before using the tool, check whether the tool is in normal condition.

(2) After use, clean the tool in time to prevent oil, dust, etc. from adhering to the tool and affecting the processing effect.

(3) If the engraving machine is not used for a long time, the tool should be removed and placed in a dust bag for safekeeping.

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