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How to clean the dirt on the advertising engraving machine|cnc router for sign making?

March 29, 2024
How to clean the dirt on the advertising engraving machine|cnc router for sign making?

During the working process of the advertising engraving machine, some debris and dust will be generated. Most advertising engraving machines are equipped with a vacuum system. When the equipment is turned on, remember to turn on the vacuum system to reduce the later cleaning tasks.

What tools should be used to clean the dirt on the advertising engraving machine?

1. Cotton cloth or soft-bristled brush: can be used to wipe dust and dirt.

2. Alcohol or detergent: can effectively remove oil stains and water stains.

3. Water and soap: can be used to clean stains and oil stains on the surface.

How to clean the dirt on the advertising engraving machine?

1. First use cotton cloth or soft brush to remove dust and debris on the work surface and keep it dry.

2. Pour alcohol or detergent on the cotton cloth and wipe the work surface, taking care to avoid water droplets entering the inside of the machine.

3. If you need to remove oil stains and water stains, you can use soapy water and a soft brush to gently wipe the surface. Be careful not to use hard tools to clean to avoid scratching the work surface.

4. After cleaning, use a clean cotton cloth to dry the surface and try to ensure that there are no traces of water or residue, so as not to affect the normal operation of the engraving machine.

How to prevent the countertop of the advertising engraving machine from turning black?

1. During daily use, pay attention to keeping items clean and hygienic to prevent soiling the work surface.

2. Pay attention to moisture-proof and avoid letting water or other liquids enter the inside of the machine, causing corrosion or short circuit.

3. If the surface has turned black, you can wipe it gently with alcohol or detergent, but do not use excessive force to avoid wearing the surface.

How often should the advertising engraving machine be cleaned?

1. After a day’s work, promptly clean up the dust and debris on the countertop.

2. Clean the engraving machine regularly. It can be cleaned once a week, blown with compressed air regularly, and cleaned one by one using seams to avoid dust accumulation.

How to clean the dirt on the advertising letter engraving machine is relatively simple. Be sure to remember to clean it after cutting off the power supply.

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