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How to maintain the advertising cnc router machine knife?

March 30, 2024
How to maintain the advertising cnc router machine knife?

1. Keep it clean: After each use, the remaining dust and debris should be cleaned in time to ensure the sharpness and normal operation of the tool.

2. Lubrication: Lubricate the cutting tools regularly to reduce friction and wear. Use a professional oil or lubricant and lubricate according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

3. Check the fasteners: Regularly check the fasteners of the tool, such as screws and nuts, to ensure that they are tight and not loose.

4. Replace the blade: When the blade is seriously worn or damaged, it should be replaced in time. Select the appropriate blade and follow the manufacturer's instructions for replacement.

5. Maintenance equipment: In addition to the tool itself, the engraving machine equipment should also be maintained regularly to ensure its normal operation. This includes checking the machine's motor, transmission system, guide rails and other components, and making necessary adjustments and replacements.

6. Comply with the operating procedures: During use, the operating procedures should be followed to avoid overloading or wrong operating methods. This reduces tool wear and damage.

7. Storage environment: When not in use for a long time, the tool should be stored in a dry, dust-free place to avoid exposure to moisture or high temperature.

8. Professional maintenance: If more in-depth maintenance is required, it is recommended to consult professionals or the manufacturer’s after-sales service. They can provide more detailed guidance and technical support.

How to use the advertising word engraving machine|cnc router for sign making knife?

1. Preparation stage: First, ensure that the engraving machine is installed on a stable table, connect the power supply, and connect the machine to the computer or control system. Then, check the condition of the knife to make sure it's sharp and secure. Next, confirm that the required engraving and cutting materials have been prepared and placed on the engraving machine's workbench.

2. Set parameters: Open the control system software of the engraving machine and set the corresponding parameters as needed. This includes speed, tool depth, machining paths, etc.

3. Fix the material: Fix the material that needs to be engraved on the engraving machine. You can use tools such as screws and press buckles. Try to make the horizontal and vertical directions of the material perpendicular to the horizontal and vertical directions of the engraving machine.

4. Install the cutter: Install the milling cutter and make sure it is firm.

5. Set the origin: Turn on the power of the engraving machine, turn on the spindle rotation, and set the origin. By clicking the relevant buttons, set the table height of the milling cutter and engraving machine to 0, and then click the number at the workpiece coordinates to set it to 0 to complete the setting of the coordinate origin.

6. Simulation: Click the simulation button to check whether the engraving path is correct. If there are no errors, click the simulation button again to cancel the simulation.

7. Start engraving: Everything is ready, click the start button to start engraving. Adjust the engraving speed according to the hardness of the engraving material.

8. Pause/Stop: If the milling cutter breaks or other emergencies occur during the engraving process, you can press the pause button or stop button.

9. Post-processing: After completing the engraving, perform necessary post-processing, such as cleaning, trimming, etc.

10. Maintenance: Lubricate the cutting tools regularly and check whether the fasteners are tight, etc.

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