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How to adjust the system position of advertising engraving machine|cnc router for sign making machine?

April 16, 2024
How to adjust the system position of advertising engraving machine|cnc router for sign making machine?
How to adjust the system position of advertising engraving machine|cnc router for sign making machine?

How to adjust the system position of the advertising engraving machine|cnc router for sign making machine?

1. Check the machine: First, you need to check whether there are loose parts in the machine part of the engraving machine. If any loose parts are found, they should be tightened immediately. In addition, it is also necessary to check whether the machine platform is flat to ensure the accuracy of engraving work such as lettering and cutting.

2. Check the tool: Checking the status of the tool is also an important step in solving problems. If the tool is found to be too worn or weak, it should be replaced or reinstalled in time.

3. Check the workpiece: Before processing the workpiece, it is necessary to position the workpiece first. If it is found that the positioning of the workpiece is inaccurate, it needs to be repositioned. In addition, it is also necessary to check whether the workpiece material is suitable for the engraving and cutting capabilities of the engraving machine. If the workpiece material is not suitable, it needs to be replaced with a suitable material.

4. Adjust processing parameters: Sometimes, engraving movement problems may also be caused by improper processing parameters. In this case, the processing parameters need to be readjusted to ensure the precision and accuracy of engraving.

5. Maintenance: Regular maintenance of the engraving machine is also an important measure to prevent movement problems. After each engraving is completed, cleaning and lubrication are required to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

What's going on with the limit alarm on the advertising engraving machine?

1. Sensor failure: There is a problem with the sensor on the engraving machine, causing the sensor to be unable to detect position information normally, causing a limit alarm.

2. Improper software settings: In some cases, the software settings of the advertising engraving machine may cause a limit alarm. For example, when the zero point setting of the software is incorrect, the engraving machine may move to the wrong position, causing a limit alarm.

What are the safety warnings for the operation of advertising engraving machines?

1. Keep it clean: Keep the workplace clean. A messy environment can easily lead to accidents.

2. Pay attention to the environment: CNC equipment cannot be placed in dark and humid places for work, and cannot be used in places with flammable liquids and gases.

3. Beware of electric shock: Avoid direct physical contact with the spindle, power output, controller interface, etc. during work to prevent electric shock.

4. Stay away from processing: Do not allow outsiders and children to approach the workplace, and visitors not related to the work must keep a safe distance. During processing, the operator's hands should be kept away from the processing spindle; when processing is stopped, the power supply should be cut off, and outsiders and children are prohibited from touching at will.

5. Reasonable use: If you operate according to the reasonable workflow allowed by the system, the processing efficiency will be higher, the effect will be better, and it will be safer. Do not use low-power spindles for heavy work, and do not use processing tools indiscriminately.

6. Dress appropriately: When working, please do not wear loose clothes or jewelry to avoid being caught in the CNC machine. It is best to wear non-slip rubber shoes, and those with long hair should wear a work cap.

7. Wear safety goggles: When processing metal or debris-rich materials, be sure to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes.

8. The connection is firm: Do not pull the connecting cable or pull out the power plug. Cables should be kept away from heat sources and flammable and explosive materials, and avoid contact with sharp objects.

9. Fix the workpiece: The material must be fixed before processing. Fixing by hand is absolutely prohibited.

10. Proper maintenance: Keeping the equipment clean and performing regular maintenance can give full play to the performance of the equipment and extend its service life. Refer to the "Maintenance Details" in this manual, perform timely lubrication and regular inspection and maintenance to ensure the safe and reliable performance of the entire CNC equipment.

11. Cut off the power supply in time: When changing the tool, the power supply to the processing spindle motor must be cut off. When changing processing materials, the power supply of the CNC equipment must be cut off.

12. Remove the wrench: The wrench of the processing spindle must be removed before starting the machine.

13. Stay alert: Keep a sufficient safe distance when processing, keep a clear mind, and do not perform operations when you are tired.

14. Power supply voltage stabilization and grounding: AC220V/50HZ power supply must have good grounding, and a stabilized voltage power supply must be provided where the voltage is unstable.

15. Warning: Using pirated engraving or CAM software and incorrect processing tools is prone to processing waste, which may cause severe damage to CNC equipment. Failure to comply with relevant safety precautions may result in serious personal injury.

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