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Multifunctional CNC router with oscillating knife cutter

April 18, 2024
Multifunctional CNC router with oscillating knife cutter

With the development of the modern machinery processing industry, in order to improve the efficiency of production and reduce the cost of production, higher requirements have also been put on the accuracy and quality of cutting. More and more customers want one machine to combine different functions. Today we recommend the cnc router combined with the oscillating knife cutter combine. First, we need to know what is a CNC router, what is a CNC oscillating knife cutting machine and what work they are used for.



What is CNC router machine?

A CNC router machine is a computer-controlled cutting machine that is used for various tasks such as cutting, engraving, and shaping materials like wood, plastic, metal, and composites. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, indicating that the machine's movements and operations are controlled by a computer.

The CNC router works by interpreting digital designs or computer-aided design (CAD) files and converting them into precise cutting instructions. The machine uses different cutting tools, such as router bits or end mills, to cut or carve the material according to the specified design. CNC routers are widely used in woodworking, prototyping, manufacturing, and other industries for their precision, efficiency, and ability to replicate complex designs consistently.

The 1530 CNC router and the 1325 CNC router are the two most common industrial CNC router models. Their workbench sizes are 1500*3000mm and 1300*2500mm. The CNC router produced by AccTek adopts a seamless welding steel structure, which has strong load-bearing capacity and small deformation. High precision, wear resistance, stable operation, and extremely high precision in the production and assembly of machine parts, which ensures the high performance and stability of the machine, with excellent quality.

What is oscillating knife cutting machine?

An oscillating knife cutting machine is a type of cutting tool used in various industries for precision cutting of materials such as fabrics, foams, plastics, rubber, and more. The machine typically consists of a cutting head with a vibrating or oscillating blade that moves rapidly up and down. This oscillating motion allows the knife to make precise and clean cuts through the material.

The oscillating knife cutting machines are commonly used in applications where accuracy and intricate cuts are required. Industries such as textile, automotive, packaging, and upholstery often utilize these machines for cutting patterns, prototypes, or production pieces. The oscillating knife can be controlled to follow specific patterns or designs, making it versatile for different cutting requirements.

These machines are known for their efficiency, speed, and ability to handle a variety of materials without causing fraying or distortion. They are often preferred for tasks that involve cutting multiple layers of material or complex shapes.

A CNC router combined with an oscillating knife cutter comes with a two-head function, including one CNC router spindle and one knife for soft material. With multiple functions by one cnc machine. The cnc router machine with oscillating knife cutter realized automatic positioning and cutting, supports cutting and switching for the vibrating knife, mop knife, semi-cutter blade, and spindle. This high-precision CNC router machine is equipped with a variety of knife tools and blades. The blade of this cutting tool moves on the surface of the material as per the configured tool path. You can either move only the knife or both the knife and the material for cutting the material using the cnc machine.

If you have an interest in this multi-functions for cnc machines, please contact us we will offer you high-quality machines and good service.

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