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How to purchase high-quality CNC router in China?

May 11, 2024
How to purchase high quality cnc router in China 

With the continuous development of economic globalization, more and more users can buy a CNC router  from any country at home. At present, the global sales volume of China's CNC machine tools is increasing every year, which also means that China's CNC routers have more advantages in the international market. If it was mentioned made in China more than ten years ago, many people would think that it meant low price and low quality. But with the progress and development of Chinese science and technology, the current Chinese manufacturing means the most reasonable price and the best quality. This is also the reason why Chinese CNC machine tools are so popular in the international market.

Now there are many e-commerce platforms, you can view many companies and their CNC equipment on Alibaba or Google browser. You'll find that even machines that look similar can vary widely in price. So how can we buy a CNC router machine in China that not only meets the needs of the work, but also has real quality assurance? Here are some methods for your reference.

Select the model of CNC router according to the size of the material

4×4 CNC router is suitable for plate processing within 1200×1200mm. This type of CNC machine tool is usually the most used machine for beginners or advertising manufacturers. It can be used to process small musical instruments such as advertising signs and guitars.

The 4×8 CNC router is suitable for plate processing within 1300×2500mm, and the 5×10 CNC router is suitable for plate processing within 1500×3000mm. These two models are the two most commonly used CNC machine tools. They are commonly used for wood furniture projects such as door panels, cabinet panels, etc.

In addition to the above models of CNC machine tools, there are also various models such as desktop CNC routers, mini CNC routers, etc., or you can customize CNC machine tools according to the size of the plate, which will better meet your processing needs. When choosing the size of the machine, you also need to take into account the situation in the workshop to ensure that the machine can be accessed and that there is enough space for it to be placed.

Select CNC router spindle power according to processing materials

If you are an advertising company and the materials to be processed are relatively soft materials such as acrylic, wood, plastic, etc., the power of the CNC router spindle can be selected from 1500W-3000W. This range of spindle power can not only meet your processing needs, but also save you purchase and operating costs.

The spindle power of CNC wood router needs to be selected according to the hardness of the wood being processed, generally between 2200W-4500W, which is reasonable.

Because of the high hardness of the processed materials, the stone CNC engraving machine has a relatively high spindle power, generally between 4500W-7500W, and the most commonly used one is the 5500W spindle motor.

The spindle power required by the metal CNC engraving machine is higher, generally between 5500W-9000W.

Select the tool replacement method according to the processing scale and the complexity of the process

Ordinary 3 axis CNC router is a manual tool change method. If the number of workpieces you need to process is not large, or the machining process is simple, then stopping the machine for manual tool change will not delay you too much time. But if you need to mass-produce workpieces, or need to engrave patterns of multiple processes on one plate, then we recommend that you choose an ATC CNC route with an auto tool changer. It can complete the tool replacement in a few seconds without stopping the machine, saving more time for mass production and complex process processing.

The difference in the above configurations will greatly affect the price of the CNC router. Even for spindles of the same size and power, the price difference between different brands will be very large. In addition, there are motor types, servo motors or stepper motors; CNC router table types, aluminum T-slot tables or vacuum adsorption tables; and the choice of various accessories such as control systems will affect the price of the machine. Different configurations also mean different processing qualities. Therefore, price and machine quality are closely related.

The strength and after-sales service capabilities of CNC router manufacturers

Choosing a powerful CNC router manufacturer is very important for purchasing a machine. Choosing a machine directly from the manufacturer means you can buy a CNC router at ex-factory price with no markups. In addition, powerful CNC router manufacturers have their own technical teams, who can provide you with reliable after-sales service and free technical support at any time.

Especially for CNC router beginners, how to use the machine after receiving it, and how to troubleshoot it after encountering failures, these are the problems you need to deal with. Good after-sales service can quickly and effectively help you solve your operation problems and machine failures together. This can save you more time and improve your level of operating CNC engraving machines.

At present, the CNC router market provides users with a wide range of equipment, but the huge price difference means that the product quality, after-sales guarantee and machine configuration are different. Therefore, when you buy a machine, you must have a comprehensive understanding of the CNC router manufacturer, and you can consider it through videos, pictures, and factory strength. Through the comparison of these factors, you can definitely buy a CNC router engraving machine in China that not only meets the needs of the work, but also has real quality assurance.

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