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How to select the right ATC CNC wood router?

May 11, 2024
How to select the right ATC cnc wood router?

As people's requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher, the furniture for civil, office, hotel, business and school use is growing in an all-round way, and the variety of designs and colors is increasing. However, we all hope to obtain cnc machine tools with high accuracy, strong functions and reliable operation with the least investment. How to choose a piece of cnc router equipment that is within its own economic strength and can make the machining center play its most important role is crucial.

If you want to buy a CNC wood router that suits your workshop needs within your budget, you need to consider the following issues:

1. Selection of processing type

Considering factors such as processing technology, plates, price, etc., the cnc wood router is selected according to the selected processing object. If the processing technology is complex and needs edge milling, bag processing, drilling, etc., the atc cnc router with auto tool change, horizontal spindle, and high accuracy can be selected.

2. Precision selection

The main factors affecting accuracy are as follows:

Accuracy of the CNC router itself

The rigidity of the machine tool determines whether the CNC wood router bed is stable, but the machining process of the machine tool determines the accuracy of the machine tool itself. Small cnc router manufacturers are all manual grinding machine tools, including the drilling of guideway table and fixed rack. Due to human factors, the error will be large; Before entering the workshop, professional CNC router manufacturers will mill the lathe bed through a large gantry CNC machining center, including the guideway table and rack surface, which are CNC drilled holes, so as to avoid errors caused by manual processing. At the same time, the lathe bed will undergo heat treatment annealing, natural aging and vibration aging treatment to eliminate stress and ensure the rigidity of the machine tool.

Guide rail accuracy

Linear guide rail can be divided into three types: roller linear guide rail, cylindrical linear guide rail and ball linear guide rail. The former two are faster and the accuracy is slightly lower, and the latter is slower and the accuracy is higher. Generally, self-lubricating maintenance free guide rail is selected to ensure accuracy.

Assembly accuracy

The position accuracy detection of the perpendicularity of the three-axis axis can detect the perpendicularity of the X/Y axis to ensure that the diagonal error of the processed object reaches the minimum. At the same time, the perpendicularity of Y/Z, X/Z axis and the parallelism of the main axis and Z axis shall be checked to ensure that the surface of the object on the milling plane is flat.

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3. Selection of parameters

When selecting a atc cnc route , the first parameters to be referred to are the effective stroke range and the maximum machining size, which should be selected according to the actual machining size of the sheet.

The motion accuracy and structural stiffness of the cnc router spindle components are important factors that determine the machining quality and cutting efficiency. The motor power of different 3 axis CNC router with the same specification can vary greatly.

4. Selection of cnc control system

Commonly used operating systems include Syntec, Weihong, Beijing RichAuto, etc.

The Syntec cnc system aims at woodworking engraving industry, with high cost performance and moderate price.

The stability of Weihong and Beijing RichAuto system is good, which is cheap price and high performance-price ratio.

5. Selection of cnc router spindle

Customers can choose different spindle power for different materials. For example, the main shaft below 3.0KW is used to process ordinary acrylic plates. The vibration amplitude of the main shaft with small power is stable, ensuring the smooth surface of the processed material and good effect; For processing solid wood doors, the power above 9.0KW can be used, with large cutting force and high processing efficiency.

6. Selection of ATC and magazine capacity

Auto tool change system is an important part of CNC wood router. It mainly transfers the tools needed for machining from the tool magazine to the spindle tool holder. The structural form of the tool magazine and the working mode of tool exchange will affect the tool change efficiency of the machine tool. The common tool magazine forms of the cnc router machine are linear auto tool changer and disk auto tool changer. The disk type tool magazine have fast tool change speed and accurate tool position; The tool change speed of the traditional linear tool magazine is slow, and the tool needs to be adjusted again after the tool change.

7. Brand selection

To buy a atc cnc wood router, you should still choose a good brand. Although the brand products are expensive, they are worth the money. A good machine can create value for you virtually. If you buy a poor machine, it will break down twice a day, or the accuracy cannot be reached, then the processed products cannot meet the customer's requirements. When selecting machines, we should check whether the brand is a regular cnc router manufacturer, and implement the company's scale and technical capabilities.

The factors mentioned above are the issues you should consider when purchasing a atc cnc wood router. By comparing these conditions, you can buy a satisfactory CNC machining center with the best budget.

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