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What you should know about CNC router controller?

May 13, 2024
What  you should know about cnc router controller?

When you are shopping for a CNC machine or planning to start a DIY CNC router program yourself, choosing the best CNC controller is what you need to know. This article introduces the relevant knowledge of CNC controller to you from many aspects, and provides some help for you to finally create a CNC router plan. Here, we will take the CNC router as an example to introduce different controllers for you, of course, these CNC controllers are also suitable for other CNC machine tools.

What is the controller on a CNC router?

We often refer to the controller as the "brain" of the CNC router because it forms the connection between the computer system and the mechanical parts of the CNC router. Whether you are using a CNC router machine, plasma cutting machine, CNC knife cutting machine or laser cutting machine, a CNC controller is an essential part of any CNC machine.

What does a CNC controller do?

The CNC controller works with a series of motors and drive components to execute programmed motion sequences by controlling and moving the machine axes. This is done by using G-code to send commands to the CNC router's motors to perform engraving, cutting, milling, or other tasks. CNC controllers on industrial machines often have a complex feedback process that constantly monitors and adjusts the speed and position of the cutter for the best cut.

What does the CNC controller consist of?

The specifications of the CNC controller include the number of axes, configuration and functions. A CNC controller consists of two main components, the physical control board and the software that runs it. Different controllers are built on different CNC software. Sometimes it's the controller manufacturer's proprietary software, sometimes it's third-party software.

Types of CNC Controllers

As far as CNC controllers are concerned, there are many types to choose from. Among them, the common controllers in CNC routers are Mach3 and Syntec, which are respectively applied to different types of CNC machine tools.

Mach3 controller

Mach3 Controller is one of the most popular CNC control programs among CNC router enthusiasts. This controller supports a variety of functions including automatic tool detection, limit switches and emergency inputs. And Mach3 is an affordable motion controller, it supports 4-axis linkage, which means you can use it to control 3-axis and 4-axis CNC routers, so it is suitable for almost any DIY CNC machine tool project.

Syntec Controller

There are five Syntec control systems, namely 60WE, 21MA, FC-60WA, 6MB-E and 60CA.

Among them, Syntec 60WE and 21MA are professional woodworking systems, both of which are network communication methods, and are widely used in CNC wood router. Syntec 60WE is a 4 axis system that can supply X, Y1, Y2, Z axes. An additional port is added to supply a rotary shaft or a 4 axis swing head or a disc tool magazine with a motor or a rotary saw blade. Only one can be selected. Syntec 21MA is a 6-axis system, and no additional ports can be opened. It is used for X, Y1, Y2, and Z four axes. In addition, a rotary axis or 4 axis swing head or a disc tool magazine with motor or a rotary saw blade can be supplied, only two of which can be selected.

Syntec 6MB-E is also a network cable communication method, which is a professional mold system. It is a 4-axis system that supplies X, Y1, Y2, and Z axes. An additional port can be added to supply a rotary axis, a 4-axis swing head, a disc tool magazine with a motor, or a rotary saw blade, among which only Can choose one. For die CNC router and tapping spindle, only Syntec 6MB-E and 21MA can be selected.

The two CNC systems, Syntec FC-60WA and 60CA, require users to equip themselves with a computer monitor, mouse and keyboard, and they all belong to CNC wood router systems. Among them, Syntec 60CA is the pulse version, which is a four-axis system that supports 860 drives, 758 drives, Lexie Servo, Yaskawa and Delta pulse models.

Syntec FC-60WA is a 7-axis CNC that can be extended to 9 axes.

Industrial CNC router run by CNC controllers are usually used for a large number of repetitive jobs, and complex machining tasks can be more easily accomplished through computer control. As a special digital device, the computer numerical control controller can accurately process the workpiece to the tiny part of one inch. Through the above comprehensive understanding of CNC controllers, I believe that whether you are buying a large industrial CNC router or DIY your own CNC router, you can have the best choice.

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