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What are the types of CNC routers in the furniture industry?

May 21, 2024
What are the types of cnc routers in the furniture industry`

The cnc wood router is one of the most widely used CNC tools in the furniture manufacturing industry. With the continuous development and progress of technology, the automation degree of CNC router equipment is now higher and higher, and the types are also becoming more and more. The use of CNC woodworking machine is undoubtedly a major change in the furniture manufacturing industry. Machine control through computer numerical control system, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the furniture manufacturing industry. Although, the CNC router machine looks more complicated than the manual router, but after basic training, you will find that it is very simple to operate, even ordinary workers can operate it. This article will introduce several wood cnc router types commonly used in the furniture industry.

3 Axis CNC Router

3 Axis CNC router is the most used CNC engraving machine in the furniture industry. This kind of CNC router engraving machine is easier and more convenient to use, and the requirements for operators are not high. Moreover, the 3-axis CNC woodworking machine can be adjusted flexibly in actual use. When woodworking, many types of furniture boards can be processed with this woodworking machine. The 3-axis CNC router is very convenient to operate, especially in mass production of furniture. As long as the operator sets the program, the machine can continuously process and produce according to the system instructions.

For furniture production, the two most commonly used 3-axis CNC routers are the 4x8 cnc router and the 5x10 cnc router. Because whether it is a cabinet panel or a door panel, it is a relatively large size, so the cnc router table must be able to put down the entire board. 4x8 and 5x10 cnc router table is suitable for most furniture board processing, larger table size means higher price. If there are no special machining needs, these two CNC router routers can meet your workshop production needs, they are very affordable and feature-rich.

ATC CNC Router

If your workshop is mainly based on large-scale and mass production, it is difficult for ordinary 3-axis CNC routers to meet your large-scale processing needs. At this point you can plan to add an atc cnc router machine to the workshop, which is a CNC machine with an auto tool changer. The so-called auto tool change means that in the process of machine processing, it is no longer necessary to suspend the machine to manually change the tool manually, but to complete the automatic tool change within a few seconds during the machine running process through the program instruction. This atc cnc router has a higher degree of automation and plays an important role in improving production efficiency and saving labor costs.

The atc cnc router machine used for furniture production is generally equipped with 8 knives for the user to use. Of course, if the pattern on the wood you want to machine is more complex, you can choose to load 12 tools for the tool magazine. The cnc router with auto tool changer is not only more efficient, but also more finely engraved patterns. They are equipped with 9.0KW atc spindle and servo motor, the high-power spindle has stable performance, faster cutting speed and higher machining accuracy. Servo motors provide a closed loop system, which means that after taking the bearings from the CNC controller, they send a signal back to the controller to check that they are doing their intended task. Although atc cnc router machine is more expensive, for large-scale production enterprises, it can recover the cost for you in a short time, thereby creating more value.

Multi-spindle CNC Router

In the furniture manufacturing industry, there is also a three-process cnc router that is used more frequently. This equipment is characterized by the fact that the machine is equipped with three spindles on which different types of tools are mounted. When the machine needs to change the tool, the currently used spindle goes up, and then the required spindle goes down to continue engraving. This type of cnc wood router is like an atc cnc router machine with three tools, each spindle works independently, and the knives can be changed automatically according to the program settings during the machine operation. Compared with the ordinary 3-axis CNC router, the three-process CNC router can change tools faster and has higher machining accuracy.

In addition to the three-process CNC router, there are also multi-spindle CNC routers that can engrave and cut at the same time. This machine can be equipped with 2-4 spindles, it is characterized by all the spindles working at the same time to engrave the same pattern on the wood. This CNC woodworking equipment is suitable for work that needs to complete the same pattern processing on the same board, which can save users more time.

Rotary Axis CNC Router

In addition to the above three CNC wood routers, there is also a rotary axis CNC router that is also used in the furniture industry. The feature of this machine is that on the basis of the ordinary 3-axis CNC router, a rotary axis device, namely the fourth axis, is added. The rotary axis CNC router is mainly used to process cylindrical materials such as table legs, chair legs, and stair handrails. The user can choose the mobile rotary axis or the fixed rotary axis according to the frequency of use. When the mobile rotary axis is used, it is placed on the cnc route table for work, and after it is used up, the table is taken off. The fixed rotary shaft is fixed on one side of the machine and can be used at any time, and in this way, a larger diameter rotary shaft can be selected, which is suitable for users who frequently process cylindrical materials.

The above cnc routers are the types of machines that are widely used in the furniture manufacturing industry. Using CNC machine tools to process furniture or some wood can play a variety of roles such as saving materials, reducing labor costs, improving efficiency, and improving precision. In fact, not only the furniture industry, but also CNC has become a development trend in other industrial fields. Because the numerical control can be programmed, after the program is programmed, it will output directly according to the signal of this program. In this way, continuous operation through CNC machine tools can greatly improve industrial production efficiency and improve product quality.

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