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What is the advantage of a four axis cnc router over a three axis cnc router

June 21, 2024
What is the advantage of a four axis cnc router over a three axis cnc router
What is the advantage of a four axis cnc router over a three aixs cnc router?

Four axis cnc router -- wood mold, foam processing center

The four-axis cnc router is only the engraving machine that conforms to the development of mold processing, its existence is not a substitute for the three-axis product, but an innovative product of the development of the engraving machine. The four-axis cnc router makes the multi-angle engraving machine library no longer a luxury.

The three-axis cnc router is mainly suitable for engraving the plane and the right and left symmetry, the figure is not complex pattern, such as olive core, 461 plate.The four-axis is suitable for carving complex, asymmetrical graphic patterns.

When the three axis CNC router carving, whether it is flat or round carving, can be imagined as a plane carving.Carving is done on a pulse.Four axis cnc router in the sculpture, according to 360° to calculate, which is 0.000* degrees per step.So the operating principle of three-axis cnc router and four-axis cnc router is completely different.

The performance characteristics of 4 axis cnc router:

    1. The bed body adopts trapezoidal generous tube design, and after professional failure treatment such as tempering and stress removal, ensure the bed body is firm and not deformed for a long time;

    2. Taiwan new generation control system, air cooled spindle imported from Italy;

    3. The XYZ axis adopts the original Taiwan silver square rail, the XY axis adopts the domestic well-known high-precision oblique teeth rack, and the Z axis USES the Taiwan origin nut TBI lead screw;

    4. Manual lubrication system, independent chassis, dual surface of adsorption fixture;

    5. Spindle can rotate +/-90 degrees, can achieve side milling groove, drilling, cutting, very suitable for processing all kinds of curved surfaces, high precision, fast speed, fully meet the needs of the needs of carving

Application industry:

    1,Furniture industry: cutting and carving of all kinds of board furniture and solid wood furniture;

    2. Advertising industry: arts and crafts gifts, crystal ornaments, advertising signs, mini word carving and cutting, etc.

    3. Decoration industry: acrylic, PVC, density board, plastic, as well as copper and aluminum and other soft metal plate engraving and cutting processing


     First we have to understand what a four-axis engraving machine is.So-called four axis engraving machine, in fact, refers to X, Y, Z, A (also someone called C, in fact is A name problem) four axis is linkage, that is to say, these four axes are able to move at the same time.While the false four axis carving machine source in the process of carving, in fact, the real movement is three axes, that is to say, the carving machine carving only around the axis rotation carving.Believe there are quite a few old engraving machine users have heard of or contact with three axis machine engraving machine combined with the rotation axis, look this is four axis, the carving machine is normally used for cylindrical relief, which is in the cylinder surface relief carving, wood and stone materials, such as the famous panlong column, with some 2113 can through this three axis and axis of engraving machine.But in fact, there is a big difference between a four-axis engraving machine and a true four-axis engraving machine.Four axis engraving machine, only with a special four-axis system, draw a special knife road, 5261 can be called a true four-axis engraving machine, also can complete only four axis engraving machine can complete the work -- cylinder 4102 three-dimensional engraving.For an example of 1653 common cylindrical three-dimensional carving, carved by a short stick to a circle to a three-dimensional figure of Buddha, this sculpture is cylindrical three-dimensional sculpture, such work, but there are four axis with triaxial system, also is to use the x or y axis to drive the axis of rotation, the real work is triaxial linkage carving machine is not finished.

What are the advantages of true four-axis cnc router:

    1, true four axis of rotation axis and other three axis linkage, space carving range and ability is stronger, carving better three-dimensional effect of the product.

    2. Different control systems, different machine assembly structure, different circuit structure and different engraving range.

    3, true four axis can be dug more than 90 degrees of groove, false four axis is not, there will be some trouble to learn drawing, but the focus on the carving is exquisite, the common three axis can not carve the place, four axis can be easily done.

Four axis CNC Router Machine

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