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Operation of cnc router engraving machine skills and methods

July 06, 2024
Operation of cnc router engraving machine skills and methods

Only by operating the cnc router machine correctly can the machine play its role to the greatest extent, which involves the problem of operating skills and methods. Can you really use a machine? What are the techniques for operating the cnc engraving machine?

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1.Choose the right tools. CNC router engraving high hardness of the material, to use the corresponding tool. Otherwise, it breaks easily.

2.Maintenance of tools.After the end of processing to take good care of tools, convenient for the next use.When employees leave work, be sure to keep the knives and materials separate.
3.In the process of carving, material interruption of the tool must be taken out immediately. When we sculpted again, the carving knife touched the dagger to prevent it from breaking again.
4. Carving speed.CNC router woodworking carving machine in the carving of high hardness materials, the knife speed should not be too fast.
5. According to the tool complexity selection, manufacturing and grinding costs: complex, high precision tool life should be higher than a single edge tool.In the multi-tool engraving machine, the combination engraving machine and the automatic processing machine, the higher tool life should be chosen, especially to ensure the reliability of the tool.
6. Workshop when the productivity of a process obviously limits the productivity of the entire workshop improvement, the tool life of the process to choose a lower; When a process unit time share to the total factory expenses are larger, at the same time, the tool life should be selected some lower.
7. High requirements of the workpiece processing, to complete at least a path, do not replace the tool in the cutting process, the tool life must be determined by the precision and surface roughness of the parts.
8. CNC router arving machine operation, do not operate without authorization.When the fault occurs, the power must be cut off after the inspection, so as to avoid the high-speed running engraving machine to the operator of harm.
9. In the process of carving, take gloves to remove the carving debris, contact the carving spindle, high-speed running spindle is so dangerous that easy to gloves and hands involved.
10. The use wood carving machine carving processing, to load and unload the carving plate, must remove the carving tool, so as to avoid sharp tool damage workers.
11. In order to avoid touching the electric and electric circuits in the distribution cabinet, so as to prevent electric shock and unstable wiring, the manufacturer is expected to immediately solve the problems in the distribution cabinet and control system.
12. Operation of cnc router machine seems simple, but there are also a lot of the operation requirements and norms need to pay attention.

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